Dec. 14, 2022

You Raise Me Up (Rivalry Week) - Episode 1019

You Raise Me Up (Rivalry Week) - Episode 1019

“It’s everything I hate about the Titanic song, but slower.”

Yes yes yes, it's Rivalry Week once again--when we typically go head to head. But this season...there's a twist.

Rob and JP are BOTH taking on a worldwide smash. "You Raise Me Up," which you may know from from funerals, weddings, and awful tributes of all kinds, is this season's target, and we're going to give you the full story of its creation, court battles, and weirdest pop culture appearance.

Buckle up, folks--we are united in our hatred, and the gloves are off.


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[00:00:00] Turn out the radio and sing all along. It's time for another great song. This is the Great Song Podcast. Seasons. Greetings, and welcome once again to the Great Song Podcast. I'm Rob Alley. I am J.P. Moser, and we're here to celebrate the greatest songs in modern music history. We're gonna tell you what makes 'em great, why we think they're awesome, and why you should too J.P.

How you doing today, man? Man, I am doing fantastic surprise, folks. It's rivalry week. Yes, it is. Oh, and we are surprising you and the world with a rivalry. That's right. So those. Follow the show for a while. We do these rivalries where we pick a song that I love and Rob hates, or we'll pick one that Rob loves.

Yep. And I Hate Yep. And we battle it out. Yeah. Well this week it's us against the world. Yeah, it is. Here's us. Song that the world loves that we hate. Yeah. So we are tagging up together. Tag team. I'm tapping you in Rob. [00:01:00] Talk a little about what we're doing. What we're talking about. Run with it for a minute.

All right, here we go. We're gonna talk about every possible version of this song. All 400 . You love it. We hate it. , this is you. Raise me up. Ugh, I'm already sad. We could do a whole episode on why I hate this intro, this . It's everything I hate about the sucky Titanic song, but slower

This isn't even a sad song, but it makes me sad.

Oh my gosh. It already feels like the movie should be over.

Oh, brother. We don't even have to hear anymore. We're good. No, we, let's [00:02:00] go. Okay. You're good. We might as well. If you've never heard this song before, you are lucky.

When I am done and oh my soul so weary when troubles come and my heart,

I still, and wait here in the silence until you come. While with me, You Raise Me Up so I can stand on

you, raise me.[00:03:00]

I'm strong when I am. Your shoulders raise me. Two more than I can be. Alright. Okay. There we go. I'm not, I can't do the key change. Let's not. All right. That is, you raised me up. That's the Josh Grobin version. But let me be clear, we freaking hate 'em all. Everyone, everyone. There's not like a preferred version of this song that was written by Brendan Graham.

Rolf I, here's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna play his name, the pronunciation of how to pronounce this name, because it's got one of those, I don't know what you call the O with the line through it that you see in a lot of like Nordic languages and stuff like that. Just say no to this song. It looks like Loveland, but I know the O is not pronounced that way.

So here is, I believe, the pronunciation of it. This is what I found online. It all. That is how [00:04:00] to pronounce his name one more time. Rolf Flu of. All right. Thanks for joining us. I'm gonna call him Rolf Loveland because that's the closest I can get, but it's Wolf something like that. So written by them.

Originally, originally released by Rolf's Irish Norwegian Duo, secret Garden from the 2002 Secret Garden Album Once in a Red Moon. If you want to hear a little bit of. Too bad . I was, I was hoping that like, he like was gonna do it and then I was wet and then he stopped. I was like, I can't bring myself to do it.

It's the same. They're all the, they're all the same. They're all the exemption. I, I was hoping. You know, sometimes you hear a song that you're like, I don't like it, and you go back and you find like the original version, you're like, okay, it's not bad. Yeah. But they're all awful. Yeah. I was hoping that the original version might have something to do, you know?

Might have something to it that, the version that I know do, you know, don't, but it, it doesn't, it, I had to go get a flu shot to keep from getting sick. . The I'll tell one thing. So [00:05:00] we just played the Josh Grobin version, so that's in my head. That song's at 59 Beats. Slow. It's stupid. Slow. Very slow.

Yeah. So my challenge was, can I find another song that's good at 59 Beats Men? Okay. A song that you do Like, A song that I love. Yeah. And I found one. Okay. And I listened back to the only one I like at 59 BP is Lenny by srv. So that's at 59. Oh, okay. But that's just because it's Stevie Rayon and it's completely different.

Okay. Which makes me believe 59 BPM is the worst BPM in the history of music. So there's 0.1. It's very, it's very d. Keep a good thing going at 59 beats a minute. . Yeah. Okay. So the, the secret. But if you guys need a palate cleanser, listen to Lenny, you'll be okay. There you go. With, there you go. Yeah. If you're like, this is my, this is my walking tempo.

If you're doing like water aerobics, maybe 59 beats a minute. Could be like a Yeah. If they sent you, this is a template, like, I need you to do water aerobics and then you're like, crap. Yeah. You can play Lenny and get through it. Yeah. Play Lenny. Like, I need to do jumping jacks underwater , and I need a tempo track for it.

. I could just see people like crying [00:06:00] in the pool

So the, the secret garden version originally was a minor hit in the uk. And and that band secret Garden actually wrote the 95. Eurovision contest winner with a song called Knock Turn. They, they've sold millions of albums worldwide and the Eurovision contest is something we really haven't talked about a ton.

We've mentioned it, the Will Ferrell movie and everything where the Yeah, it's an interesting concept and I, I just don't know much about it. I've never really like keyed into it. You know, if we do an ABBA episode, I'm sure it'll. There you go. The vocalist on the original version by Secret Garden, is neither of the members of Secret Garden.

It's a guy named Brian Kennedy, who is a Northern Irish singer with a couple of charting songs in the uk. The song itself has been recorded by over 125 artists several of which have charted, and I think I saw a number, I saw the number 400 thrown around, but I think. Is counting like live covers and everything, but it's been recorded.

It's been cut by over 125 artists, which it's been done on every one of those [00:07:00] voice, you know, American Idol. Oh yeah. All that shit, for sure. Yeah. So here's a few, here's a few charting versions of it. Daniel O'Donnell. His version hit number 22 in the uk. The Christian Group Cila hit number two on the billboard.

Hot Christian Songs chart. This makes total sense to me. AC Christian Radio loves a song that sounds like it came from a sweatshirt at Walmart. . It was nominated. See every video. So that being said, with that concept, if you go like on YouTube, cause that's where I like, yeah. Every other one is a picture of, is like a Jesus video.

Yeah. With this song. Yeah. Which is one of the things that I hate the most about this song actually. You know, these songs we've talked a little bit about like songs that are that are so non-specific that you could use them about just a regular person or Jesus Yeah. , you know without like saying anything, it's like I just, I just don't, I just don't like that to begin with.

And this is like the ultimate example of that, right? Like, don't sing this song to Jesus. Just don't, [00:08:00] Jesus did more than that. That's right. You know what I mean? Like Jesus, he's got a lot better grammar too. And we'll talk about that in the lyrical section. And the reason we got, Actually hooked on to, to doing this song is from the episode we did with Robin Crystal, where she was talking about, she, didn't she do this at a church?

I probably, yes. We've both had to sing this at multiple, like weddings or whatever. Yeah. I thought this was the we, one of the ones that she had to sing at her wedding or something like that. Yeah, it's, and we're just like, ah, that song is disgusting. It's so awful. Yeah. It's every time, every time I've ever had to sing this.

Every time anybody's ever had to sing a song, you just have to like swallow it down. , you're like, you really want this at your thing. Like whether it's wedding, funeral, whatever, you know, bar mitzvah, , that's, sorry, I thought you were gonna say. Yeah, it's just just awful. . Let's see. A group called Westlife in the UK had a number one hit with, with you.

Raise me up. And of course, Josh Grobins, which we'll dig into a little bit more in just a minute. The song started as a musical piece by Thanks. Thanks. And he asks, songwriter Brendan [00:09:00] Graham to add lyrics. Brendan Graham is a famous Irish writer of both song and Prose, and he has written two Eurovision winners for Ireland.

Rock and Roll Kids and the Voice not to be. With you are the voice, which is not John Farham John Far. There we go. He's also written several tracks, which is a great song. Oh my gosh. Yeah, we gotta do that song. He's also written several tracks for Celtic Woman who also have a popular version of You Raise Me Up.

Theirs is probably like the third or maybe fourth one that comes up. The Josh Grobin version went to number one on the US adult Contemporary Chart. Number 73 on the hot 100 earned him a 2005 Grammy nomination. For best male pop vocal performance . I don't know why the way you rolled that out. They're gonna say earned him a 2000.

I thought you're gonna be like earned him a 2005 Pontiac Jesus . Like he just won on the prices. Right? That's what I thought you were getting. . No for best pop male vocal performance believe it or not that Grammy went to John Mayer for daughters. Really daughters won. Best male pop vocal perform. Yes.

It's like I don't think of [00:10:00] John Mayer as a vocalist much. He's good. He's a great singer. But like if you put those two side by side, who's gonna win a pop vocal contest? There you go. Yeah. Let that John Mayer beat Josh Grobin for best male pop contest. Vocal. Yeah. The, it was the number 10 AC song of of 2004 was Gruben's version.

I'll give you that. AC top 10 for that year. Real quick. It's pretty interesting. You raised me up. Number 10. Number nine, calling all Angels by train. Number eight, unwell by Matchbox 20. Number seven. Ain't no mountain high enough. Michael McDonald. I, this seems weird. What year is that? 2004. I don't know, was there a re-release of it or something?

Or a 25th anniversary? Kind of, I don't know. Number six, this one's for the girls Martina McBride. Number five, forever and for always by Shania Twain. Number four, drift away. The Uncle Cracker version featuring Doy Gray. Number three, a hundred years by five for fighting alum of the show. Number two, first cut is the Deepest by Sheryl Crow and number one, this is the perfect, [00:11:00] absolutely.

This was the number one adult ac song of that year, white Flag by Dato. Yeah. That was, I mean, that's as AC as it gets. Right. It's funny. It's funny cuz doing the research, it sounds like, basically for the Josh Groban version, David Foster heard the song and he wanted to produce a version of it and he just kind of.

Picked Josh Grobin to give it to he. Not that groin was looking for a song, Uhhuh. And he is like, I heard this song. But Foster is big enough that he just chose Josh Grobin as the vessel through which to pour his genius. So we should love this because we love David Foster. Yeah. David Foster's great.

We've covered several songs that he's been a part of and and he's obviously a genius. Yes. And you know, whatever. But man, it's, and I think it's just, it's not the production. It's not Josh Grobin, it's the song. It's the freaking song song. It's just such a bad song. I'm so glad you said that. Like, and Josh Groban's got a voice that the guy can sing.

I don't like his voice. Yeah. If that makes sense. Mm-hmm. . But he's good. Like I ain't hating on Josh Grobin. Yeah, I know. It's just, he picked this [00:12:00] crappy song, Gruben's a Funny and he didn't even pick it. David Foster picked him for it. It, he's funny, right? He's been on those shows. Griffin's funny. He's been on like the Office and he's a good he used to be, I dunno if he's still on there, a good follow on Twitter.

He is a funny guy. And. Yeah, it was just like David Foster went, I'm gonna take you to the top boy . You know what I mean? And Groban's like, all right, fine. Let's go, let's grab this song. And it worked. Here's, here's a sentence with three things that don't seem to go together. Ready? Josh Grobin performed.

You raised me up at Super Bowl 38. In a special NASA commemoration for the crew of the space shuttle Columbia disaster. That sentence is full of surprises. Lemme just tell you, let's go football . Yeah. First of all, like, you're like, err, let's get you go from Hank Williams. You know, routed friends are coming over.

Josh blasted at halftime when like, what? And then it's like, and then they're showing like the challenge are exploding. What like. That's, first of all, that's a, that's a bit literal. Like you raised me [00:13:00] up the Challenger, but then the Challenger exploded on the way up. It does. Yeah. Like what the crap I get.

It's okay. It's inspiration, it's whatever. That seems like a disaster. I don't remember that at all. Me neither. But I'm like, and I, I don't wanna watch it because then I have to hear the song again and Relive the Challenger. Explode. I'm sorry, the Columbia. Columbia. Oh, Columbia. Wait, the Challenger exploded.

What happened in the Columbia? Oh no, that's one that didn't get off the gr I don't, I don't think it got off the platform. All right. I'm gonna look at this. Cause I don't wanna be, I don't wanna be you know, offensive about the, the Columbia, so let's at least get the disaster. Right. That's fine. The challenger was when we were in elementary school.

That was, yeah, and that's what I was thinking. The, the Columbia, I think that's the one that didn't get off the. Let's see. Okay. Okay, so that was in 2003. The spatial Colombia disintegrated as it reentered the atmosphere over Texas killing all seven astronauts on board. Okay, so. equal disaster. Mm-hmm.

But for some reason the Columbia was not, I was, I was thinking Challenger for some reason. I was like, why are they still talking about the Challenger [00:14:00] in 2004? Yeah. It was like a, it's not a, yeah, it wasn't an anniversary or something, so that was even more confusing. Okay. At least it was timely , at least that, and I don't mean to make lightly a Columbia disaster for sure.

I just mean that that sentence really threw me for a loop. Yeah. That's all I'm saying. More so about the football . Yeah. Yeah. Why at the football, why at the Super Bowl football game, it was like, I don't really understand. Here's basically my take on the song. Okay? Okay. This is my, this is what I hate about it.

It's schlocky syrup, emotional Christmas shoes level dribble, right? It's the worst kind of manipulative eighth grade graduation music I can possibly imagine. It's not. It's, it's not good. Sentimental. Yeah. We love good sentimental. Right. Last week we just had Andy Gullah horn. Yeah. Who's the king of sentimental?

Yeah, exactly. Ben Rector. That's absolutely, that's great. Sentimental. Love that. This is awful. Fake. Yeah. Put [00:15:00]on sentimental, right? This is like the, the fake nails of Of sentimental, yeah. It's like somebody took wind beneath my wings, the rose, and I hope you dance and threw 'em all together in a blender.

And this is the milkshake that came out that makes me. Farty and bloated. I have to stay inside for the rest of the day. , right? Yes. That's, that is it. That is my, no, that's encapsulated analysis, dude. That's perfect. And that'll transition well into the first scene of the video. Okay. Because it's downright vomit worthy.

He slow rises. From the couch like I do when I have to crap in the middle of my favorite TV show and I'm like so this song is like Taco Bell. It raises me up off the couch when I'm watching Sports Center and I have to pause it to go take a fatty . I gotta tell you, this is really brought out some good writing from us,

Okay. Lyric. Let's talk a little bit about the lyric. All right. When I'm down and, oh, my [00:16:00] soul so weary when troubles come and my heart burden be, yeah, what the heck kind of grammar is that? Yeah. It's trying to sound poetic, right? But if you switched it around to where you would, you know, if you kind of unravel that old English, it's still wrong.

Yeah, it should be. And my heart is burdened is burden. Right? Not my heart. Be burdened. Be burdened. Would my heart be burdened? Yeah. If you're gonna do it my. Burdened is, is, yeah, if you wanna be, then you gotta finish the line. That's right. When you come, when you, when you until you come and sit a while with gl, you know, whatever that you need a different rhyme there.

Yeah. That means me. I don't know what word that could be. Maybe that's why they didn't use the right line. That's why it with B. All right, so worst chorus in history. Here we go. And here's why. You raised me up so I can stand on mountains. Okay. Okay. Are you trying to kill me? Right? I can barely stand and then you go put me on top of a mountain.

A mountain where I can't breathe and I'm might fall and die. Yeah. You raised me up to walk on stormy seas. Yeah. Okay. Definitely trying to kill me. You want me to walk on a stormy seat? Two people have done it. Peterik and Jesus, right? I'm neither. Yeah. [00:17:00] Of those. I'm strong when I'm on your shoulders. Not even possible.

If for some reason I became stronger on your shoulders, my walking would be impeded, . There's no way you could be, be stronger. I've got no base. That's right. I got no, it's like chicken in the swimming pool. Yeah, you're much stronger on the ground. You're much stronger on the ground. I got no trunk. Okay. You raised me up to more than I can be.

Obviously I'm pretty weak sauce if that's the case. So like that's for, that's lyrically just a slop. Yeah, it's true. We've talked about how I think the, the worst stanza in all of rock music history is bonjovi at the beginning of always right, because of all the mixed metaphors, analogy. That's all. That's what this is, right?

This is all just a bunch of. Just low hanging fruit. Yeah. Mixed me this, the, like those metaphors aren't even low hanging fruit. They're dead fruit. Right. , they're touching the ground. Withered, yeah. Sour fruit. Yeah. It's just so easy, right? Yeah. And look, I listen. God bless the people that wrote this, right?

I'm super happy [00:18:00] for them. I'm glad and I respect the other work you've done. Uhhuh , this song can kick Rocks. . This song should not have been made. Uhhuh, . If you're listening and this song has like helped you through something or if it memorialized apparent or something like that, I'm sorry. You shouldn't have done it

You shouldn't have done it. I'm sorry if we lose listeners over this. I don't even care anymore. This song. All full and I don't care what it means to you. . Okay? Pick a better song. Alright, Patriot, I just got cut in half. Okay. 52 sec. Speaking of simple, low hanging fruit, let's talk about the piano part at 52 seconds.

Sure. Super creative. Yeah. Let's talk about this. Yeah. Come on. David Foster. Come on man. Come on. Maybe Josh Gro. I've never heard him play piano . Maybe they're like, maybe he sucks at piano. Maybe they're like, Hey, we wrote something for you, man. Yeah, . There it is. Some say love. Exactly. It's perfect. [00:19:00] Napoleon.

Dynamite . Yeah, so, okay, here's the other thing. Here's the other thing I said. It was like a, you know, a crap milkshake made from these other songs. It actually, it's really just like somebody ran the classic Irish folk song. Danny Boy threw a washing machine, , where every bit of character and genuine emotion was beat out of it.

Okay, . Let's hear. Danny Boy. Okay. And, and at least we're gonna play the Johnny Cash version, so at least we can play something good today, . Okay. All right, so listen to this melody, okay. And listen to the cadence of this song. Listen to everything about it. This is, you raised me up as it should be. Oh, teddy boy.

The pipes. The pipes are calling

from Glen to Glen and down the mountainside.

[00:20:00] Summer's gone and all the roses fallen. It's you. It's you must go and I must,

but come you back when? Summers in the middle or when the.

And why it was snow.

I'll be here in Sunshine, orange, shadow.

Oh, Danny boy. Oh daddy, boy, I love you. So, and it's not that, that's super production. It's organ. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And delivery. So, The, the, yeah, the cadence. That [00:21:00] song is great. Yeah. Danny Boy is a legit worldwide classic. Yeah. Like a, it's almost a hym, you know what I mean? It's like a, it's just this thing that will live forever.

It's Danny Boy. And do you remember the Saved by the Bell Artie boy? That they do? No. Oh, Artie Boy. The bugs. The bugs are buzzing. Oh, wow. There's nets and ants. Mosquitoes on the something, and they'll be there for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Oh, in that big, Chameleon banquet in the sky. Is that what it was?

Oh my gosh. I think it was Wow. Core memory unlocked . So, but anyway, you hear, you hear You Raise Me Up in Danny Boy. Right? You can't not hear it. It's there. And, and so here's, here's the, I'll qualify that. So, you know, I get a, I get a, I get a, you know, things suck up my craw. Songs that borrow heavily from other, like the Kid Rock song that's sweet from Alabama all summer long.

You know, all that stuff. So to literally just like. Lift a lot from Danny. Boy. It's like, [00:22:00] for it to come up, Danny Boy raised me at like, like literally that's, this song doesn't succeed without Danny Boy. Yeah. If there is no Danny Boy, this song doesn't do anything because it never exists. But we don't mind hook by blues traveler because it is leaning into that as part of the joke.

Exactly. As part of the land. Yeah, for sure. Yes, yes, yes. But yeah, so this like, if you're gonna. Take it and like do something with it. You know what I mean? Like Yeah. This is like just, I just wanna write a sucky version of Danny Boy . Call it my own. Yeah. And, and lean on it, you know? , capitalize on this feeling emotion.

Yes. Ew. That's disgusting. Okay, . So like, and I'll say this Danny Boy is public domain Uhhuh. . Okay. Which means it's not wrong to borrow. Yeah. It's not like against anybody can cover Danny Boy and not have to worry about royalties or anything. Yes. So, On that level, you're playing by the rules. Mm-hmm. , you're fine, but it's just against my code.

to [00:23:00] do this with Danny Boy is just wrong. Right? Yeah. And so not only that, but you raised me up probably also borrows heavily from an Icelandic song called, let me Just Play You. I Can't, there's no way I can pronounce.

it looks, it looks like, I'll just try, try and spell it a little bit. It's s o with an mlo, K N U o, with a thing above it that I don't even know what it is. , another U and an R. Okay. And it's pronounced by Composer Johan Hesson. Okay. And so I'll play you a little bit of that. , and I'm gonna play you, I'm gonna play you an English translation of it.

Okay? Okay. So that you can, because most of our listeners speak English, most of our listeners are English speaking. I know we literally have some like Nordic, you know, listeners. But I'm gonna go ahead and play you an [00:24:00] English translation. This was 1977. Originally. Originally, not this version.

So I'll tell you this, according to Variety, Helgason claimed that Lulin would've had access to this song during his multiple visits to Iceland in the 1990s. , as it was then used as the boarding music on Iceland Air. Okay? Okay. So Helgerson also claimed that the melody of you raised me up was directly lifted from this song.

Are you sure? You listen to be the judge, basically. I mean, it's already that, right?

Oh, come on.

Oh goodness.[00:25:00]

It's not even like

what Saban, it's the.

Is that insane? Like that's not,

that's the one court change different.

Okay, so, so stop. That's like somebody gave somebody a soundtrack to you. Raise me up. But they didn't know the words and they're like, just go in there and sing something about this and just kind run with it. They're trying to like Leslie Nielsen in Yeah, exactly. Frank dripping. It's Frank Drebin. That's right.

Saying you raised me up. [00:26:00] Yes. That's Frank d Drummond's, national Anthem version of you raised me up. That's, that's great. Yeah. So, so here's what happened. The, the Performing Rights Society of Iceland analyzed both songs and founding 97% similarity between them. That's stating that the songs are quote musically identical, except for just two notes.

That's probably that one chord, you know. A US District Court, however sided with Secret Garden the original writers saying that while the songs were similar, it was not similar enough as a matter of law to constitute a claim. This is from Wikipedia and that Hellison's work likely borrowed some itself from Danny Boy and other folk tunes to begin with making any, any similarity, a moot point.

In other words, This song sounds like Danny Boy to begin with. And yeah, your song sounds like this song, but they said basically that the analysis by the Icelandic performing right society and, and the person that they used as an expert witness or as an expert musicologist they need Moser on that panel[00:27:00]

But They that they said basically, you're attributing similarity where there really is none. They're saying like, this uses this note and this one also uses this note, but they're not really in the same place. You know what I mean? That's like, that's okay. This uses an F sharp. Yeah, and this also uses an F Sharp, but it's not in the same, same measure spot.

But you're calling that a similarity and you're saying they're 97% Just hear the chords. I mean, and the melody saying, so. It sounds to me like their, maybe their expert witness tried to overdo it. Yeah. And in overdoing it probably blew, blew their chance at winning that, because that sounds like a very winnable argument to me.

Absolutely. Now I get the thing about them saying that like they're both lifted from Danny. Boy, I feel like for sure I could, I feel, and that's, I'm not a lawyer, but I feel like I could pose a setup, like, I feel like I could phrase this in. Go back and listen to some of our other rivalry episodes and see the way we set ourselves up.

Yeah. Me and Rob could go in there and win this case. Absolutely. Yes. Okay. At this point, I think maybe let's meet. Do we ever meet the band? Yeah, we can meet the band. Let's [00:28:00] meet him. Hey, let's meet the band. It's time to meet. Hey mama's.

All right, so we're gonna meet the band. There's so many different versions and so many different bands. We're talking about all of them, so, no. So I went I'm just going to do a little meet the band on the video. Okay. I was gonna bash on on the video. On the video. So I was gonna assign each of these people a fake name and an alter ego.

But I'm just gonna hit some highlights, don't. Right. And they seem like nice people. This is the Josh Groban video. So I named all the, I was gonna name all the violin girls, and there's one that's holding a Trump. That never plays it . And there's a quick swiveling head harp lady over-exaggerated electric guitar guy playing the wrong finger position on chord

And the video guy blurred out Paul Rudl looking bass player dude in the back . But they all started to get kind of mean. So we'll just stop there. Okay. So that's our version of me. Okay. Fair enough. We'll keep it keep it nice because we're not, we're not here again, we're not here to bash Josh Grobin. No.

Right. We're not here to [00:29:00] bash Kelton Corner on the song. We just think this is an awful song. We could talk about the. Bagpipe meets violin solo or whatnot. That's, but it's the song, it's not song, the version, it's the, it's not Groman's fault. You know, it's not even David Foster's fault. He just capitalized on something that he knew would make people cry.

That's it. Like, that's all, it's you, you made, this is the, like every, every note at the bottom of the video summarizes what they were trying to do. They're all, when I'm at my lowest point, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Yeah. Like, that's what every comment says on there. Yeah. So, and, and again, If that was you.

I'm sorry he was making a joke and making light of, but we could've found a different one, but you should've found a better song. Okay. Okay. Stump the Genius. I do have that. Okay, so let's play Stop The genius. Stump the genius. Stump The genius. The genius. It's time to stu the Genius. I take your part. All right, so I started with Famous Falls.

That's what I was gonna go with cuz you raised me. I was gonna try to do something for a fall. Okay. That would be a funny play on words. So then I [00:30:00] went famous, but all the falls I was finding was like Niagara Falls, angel Falls, and that was just a boring stump of genius Ruby Falls. Nobody cared about that.

Exactly. Okay, so I'm going famous fails. I thought you meant like famous times that people fell, have fallen. Yeah, I was going with that. Okay. And then, but that's what I was looking for. Okay. But it kept, everything I kept looking up kept taking me back to like waterfalls. Okay. All right. So I was like, that's kind of boring.

Rocking back falls. Sherlock Holmes. There you go. So I went famous fails. So here, here's a time where people failed. We're just gonna tie it into some trivia. Is this about our John Mayer episode? No, that's changing. Yeah, right. Okay, question one. Here we go. A Time to Kill Famous by novel, John Grisham was rejected 28 times.

Wow. Yeah. How about that? For a failure? Dang. One of these actors is not in the movie. Time to kill. I've seen the movie Time to Kill. I have not seen the movies. One of these actors I've seen the poster. I'm Samuel L. Jackson. Okay. Matthew McConaughey. Yeah. Kevin Spacey. Nicholas Cage. Okay. One of these, one of them is not, not in the movie.

I think that's gonna have to be [00:31:00] Nicholas Cage. That is Nicholas Cage, correct? Correct. That's for you, crystal. So number one, we got one. Number two, Henry Ford's first two automobiles companies failed. Okay. So before he made Ford, he made two automobile c. What do you name 'em that fail? Know, right? Always go with the name, right?

Stick with your last name, okay. Which of these is not a Ford? Okay. Pinto. Okay. Fxr. All right, Fiesta. Okay. Focus. That'd be a fxr. Fxr. Yeah, that's a Suzu. Good job. Good job. Number three. Elvis was fired from the grand old Opry and told back Wow to go back to truck driving. . Which of these Elvis hits did he write?

Okay. He only wrote one of these. Okay. All shook up. Okay. Jailhouse rock. Uhhuh, . Hound dog. Uhhuh , blue Sue shoes. Okay,

I'm, I'm guessing here. In an informed guess. I'm gonna guess. All shook up. All shook up. There we go. Nicely done. Informed Guess how did you lean into that? Well, I knew he didn't write blue sue [00:32:00] shoes. Okay. I was. Almost positive he didn't write. Hound dog. Yeah. And then the other two, it was a 50 50.

Good job. Good job. Oh no. Did I not do question five or it didn't print? Okay, I got it. Okay. Question four. You need me to fax it to you? No, it's good. . Here we go. Question four. Colonel Sanders was rejected a thousand times before founding a ca before finding a KFC franchise. Holy cow. A thousand times.

What's Colonel Sanders first name? Oh, yeah. I would've given up so, so much longer. I can guess this without multiple choice. I believe it is Harlan. Harlan that I was going. Harlan. Henry Harrison. Harold, let's, let's just be serious. I know. Fried chicken, dude. Four for four. Yeah. Let's, can you sweep the category?

Here we go. Let's go. I'm raising my season average here. Walt Disney coming on fast, was fired from a newspaper saying he lacked creativity. Okay. , which of these is not a Disney movie? Okay. Okay. Rocke. Okay. Oliver and Company. Uhhuh. . Mr. Hollands. Opus. Okay. Fantastic. Mr. Fox. That would be Mr. Holland's Opus.

Not Disney? No. Mr. Hollands. Opus is a [00:33:00] Disney movie. It's okay. Fantastic. Mr. Fantastic. Mr. Fox. Wow. How about that? I got one. Wow. 80%. How about that, Robinson? Is that the one with the not Don Rickles? What's his name? I don't know. Fricking fantastic. Mr. Fa. It's sound like the Disney Plus. I don't know.

Holy cow. Mr. Holland's Opus though. There you go. Wow. That's crazy. Richard Dreyfus. Maybe I'm thinking of something else. All right. Maybe Mr. Holland's. Opus was a Disney movie. Disney movie. How about that? I had no idea. The things you learned, the more you learn. Dang. That was wild. Yeah. Okay. I've not got much, I felt so confident.

I know you were rolling. So confident. 80%. And he was cruising along. He. Mr. Hojo. Bam. There we go. Okay, there we go. Alright. You raised me. I lowered you down. You lowered me down. That's right. Alright. One more note on that lawsuit. The you raised me up case was one of several in 2020 that kind of pushed back against, by the way, that's when.

the US District Court, it like 2004, the song came out, but the lawsuit in the US was much later. But it was one in 2020 that kind of pushed back against the wave of [00:34:00] cases, like the Marvin Gay Estate suing Robin Thick over blurred lines. Okay. And the other thing, they sued Marvin Gaye sued somebody over something else immediately thereafter.

Was it like who, I thought it was an edge cheering thing. Maybe not. It was, it was Ed Sheeran over yeah. What's the song? Oh my gosh. Hold on. We found Love, right where we are. What is that song, baby? Now take me into your Love Arms. What is it called When Your Legs Don't Work like they used to before?

Anyway, whatever the krep, that song is called it, it sound like Let's Get It On. Yeah, same, same lawsuit. And so, But the, the Robin thick case over blurred lines, claiming that it was stolen from Marvin Gaye's song, got to give it up. That case was won by the gay estate, and it was the, the lawyer behind that suit who was tapped by Johann Helgerson to Sue Secret Garden.

Oh, wow. So he was like, I got this. Yeah. You know, for sure. Yeah. But it seemed like at a certain point the courts decided, no, we're just not gonna allow this to this. Okay. They were like, this stops here, or this is gonna be an every month everybody thing. We're gonna have [00:35:00] somebody coming after. You know?

And they had just decided, I think, before this, to overturn the judgment initially, that was against Katie Perry for Dark Horse. I dunno if you remember that. But there was like a 2 million settlement over that song. They overturned that and said, no, just kidding. We're not gonna make, we're not gonna make you pay that about Dark Horse.

And so this came kind of following after that Just a couple more notes for me. I don't know what else you have, if you got more secret Garden reminds me of Savage Garden, which is never gonna help anyone and nme, the website nme on its list of worst songs of the two thousands called this song, the Sound of Slipping Into a Coma.

Oh God, . Okay. So yeah, there we go. I think that's kind of all I have. There's some really bad ones out there for the sake. You just guys, just go find the worst. Send us the worst ones. Yeah. Send us the worst one. You can find them. Glen, please send us the, the one of the bride walking down the aisle.

Singing in acapella is really bad. Woof. But y'all find y'all find us some good one, some good bad ones. Yeah. What's funny is, you know, most of the [00:36:00] versions of this song are done by people who can sing perfectly fine. Yeah. It's not, it's not about the vessel. It truly is not. It's about the song, you know, it's it's really just, we just hate this song a whole bunch.

And truly, I'm gonna say this, and I'm not gonna put a punchline at the end of it. Truly, if I offended you earlier when I was talking about, you know, whatever, I, I understand music connects with people in weird ways and it helps 'em through, through, you know, bad things. I don't like this song. If this song is truly part of your life, and I, you know, I hope I didn't offend you.

It was all in good fun. These are, this is all in good fun. He didn't mean anything bad. We actually hate this song, but of course, we love you guys. Absolutely. And if this song is part of your life, then that's perfectly fine. You do your thing. And don't worry about my opinion, . That thing said next week we're finishing it off with a bang.

Yes. It next week will be a normal episode. Where we are back to, we gushing over things we love about an artist. Yeah. We are going to, we're gonna talk about so much music next week, . It's gonna be just insane. Buckle in. Yeah. Every, we [00:37:00] intentionally left out a lot of music this week because this song is trash.

Yeah. But next week we're gonna play so many good songs. Yeah. It's nice to do a rivalry week where we didn't have to go at each other Exactly. We don't even have to. We're against the world. Yeah. It's, we're together at this. We don't even have to make up after this, you know, and we don't, it's, it's gonna be great.

So, all right, we'll see you guys next week for the season finale of season 10 of the Great Song Podcast. Until then, oh wait. Do something for me though. Real quick, before we finish, go to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at great song. Give us that follow go to make sure you're subscribing on your podcast platform's choice.

There's gonna be somebody that's like, I'm gonna give these guys a chance. I like you raised me up. Let's see what they've got. That's right. Somebody was like, oh, I can't wait to, I can't wait for somebody to defend this song. I know I want to get on one of these guys sides. I really expect one. One, at least one nasty email, uhhuh voicemail or comment over, over something we've said today, , I really do expect one.

Right? But hey, if [00:38:00] this was your thing and you just loved this episode, and if you're like, I can't waste Icelandic stuff sent to us, that we, that we have to run through the translator. Yeah. Google translate. Yep. So, yeah, if you loved this and you were like, I wanna support this and more, you can go to Great, Song Podcast and become a producer of the show.

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And. . Yeah. Thank you guys so much for listening, for being a part of what we do here and for allowing us to bring it to you every week. It's truly an honor. Even if you love this song you know, we'll, we'll, there'll be something down the line. We'll make it up to you somewhere, . All right. Let us know.

We'll send you a sticker. There you go. We'll send you That's right. If you are truly offended. Truly offended. Send us a note and we'll send you a sticker as our way of saying we're sorry with a good song to go with it as a, as a bandage to [00:39:00] heal our relationship. That's right. Yeah. All right, we'll yeah.

We'll see you next week for the season finale of Season 10 on the Great Song Podcast. Until then, I'm Rob. I'm J.P. We'll listen to some music.