May 4, 2022

Kiss Me (w Leigh Nash of Sixpence None the Richer) - Episode 914

Kiss Me (w Leigh Nash of Sixpence None the Richer) - Episode 914
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"Kiss Me" is one of the biggest hits of the '90s, and the self-titled Sixpence None the Richer album is an enduring classic full of rich songs and complex emotions, a real standout in the CCM genre, and a major pop crossover that *should* have won the band a couple of Grammys--but we'll get into that. Lead singer Leigh Nash joins us to talk about her Sixpence days, her latest project "The Tide," and more. Plus:

- A really wack year for “Song of the Year” Grammys

- Listening to a guitar part for context

- A first for the show

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Turn up the radio and sing along. It's time for another Great Song. This is the Great Song pod. Season's greetings and welcome once again to the Great Song Podcast. I'm Rob Alley J fan motor, and we're here to celebrate the greatest songs in modern music history. We're going to tell you what makes them great, why we think they're awesome and why you should too.

J.P. how are you doing today? I am doing fantastic. Well, we just finished modern men of pop month. And so it's Tom for the ladies ladies night. Oh yes. It's the ladies month. It's ladies night there's no better way to kick off ladies, but then watching Dawson and Joey from Dawson's Creek, young, young James VanDerBeek, young Katie Holmes or Freddie Prinze Jr.

And Rachel Lee cook from she's all that. While there were so many names, I just use it, all that with all the three names and such and come on, we all know that dorky girl under those glasses is hot anyway. Right? Come on. We know that's what's going to happen. Let's kick it with a little bit of kiss me, Rob, tell them where we're going.

This is kiss me by Sixpence. None the richer.

Swing, swing, swing, the spinning stack. You wear those shoes.

and all right, that was kissed me by Sixpence, none the richer from the 1998 self-titled album sixpence, none the richer written by Matt Slocum. Of Sixpence, none the richer. And you guys hang around because we are talking to that vocalist. Really? We're saying that Nash joins the show. One of my favorite female vocalists of all time, I'm going to talk later just about how I feel about her voice.

I feel very specific things about her voice and we'll get into it. Kiss me by Sixpence. None. The richer went to number one on the U S mainstream, top 40 chart. Number one in Australia, Canada, top 10, all over the world. Number two on the U S adult contemporary chart and number two on the billboard hot 100, but it couldn't topple no scrubs by

I was going say, if you had the one that was ahead, but no scrubs was a buzz saw and you know, it's not fair cause there's three vocalists there versus her three on one. Odds are challenging. Yeah. Triple vocalists. It's not even fair. Kiss me was the sixth highest selling song of all of 1999. It was nominated for.

For best pop performance by a duo or group with vocals at the 42nd annual Grammy awards alongside. I want it that way by Backstreet boys, unpretty by TLC, all star by smash and your winner, Maria Maria, by Santana. Can we talk about the absolute repository of that set of nominees and the absolute injustice that kissed me did not win given that surrounding set.

Like I at least get unpretty being on that list. Right. Being in what it was, it was in my world. It was like a fairly big song, but I don't know anybody. That's like, dude, unpretty, you know what I mean? But like, okay. But we really said, as a society reminds me of a west side story, it's going to take the cake.

These are the five best group songs of the year. I want it that way. All star, like make me a playlist of these five songs and I'm skipping three of them. I'm listening to all star ironically, and then just starting the self-titled Sixpence albums. So I can listen to it from front to back for the millions of times.

I love that whole section. I do not understand that, that five, some there, that quintet of songs, I do not understand. Kiss me should have been on top. Period. And then the other four, they, it was like somebody hit shuffle or something and it didn't come out. Right. You know, sometimes you just got to, if you get in your car and you just tell your phone to like, just shuffle my whole library, sometimes it just doesn't take, and you've got to start over.

You got to stop it, close that app out and then try again. We've given smooth, so many other awards they're like, and supernatural played a ton. What's the other one off there. I guess we'll go with this one. And we we all know how I feel about Carlos Santana was a guitarist, you know, I think. The most overrated, popular guitarist in, in our culture.

We'll be talking to him next week. We'll have him next. And I'm going to say it to his face, bro. You are super overrated. What's it like congratulations to you for being able to surround yourself with these people in overrated play in black magic woman and then just take it off. All right. Just be honest.

You're backing guitars. Neil. Sean is way better than, yeah. All right. Let's look the Great Song Podcast on movie month. Where, where are we going to be discussing Carlos Santana. Ladies, ladies, ladies, but. All right. Let's do a few listening notes for me on, on kiss me. I'm gonna take us through just a few things.

First of all, you've got that opening intro that we heard. I'm not gonna play it again, but you got the opening intro with the acoustic mixed, with a clean, super chimey electric. I don't know if you have in the, in the band section, what kind of electrics were going with. You say, it sounds very like Rickenbacker ish.

You know what I mean? It's that like beetles eat chimey and I'd made a note to that is different. When I listened, it was hard pan left the first guitar. And then Rob played a little bit before I was like, whoa, whoa, whoa, hang on. So I'm wondering if there's two different mixes out there or if there's a single mix or a, so if you guys out there are listening and when you listened, one of the guitars is hard pan left.

Just send a message and be like, J.P. you're right. This music, this mix that I'm listening to, it was the same way. I goodness. That's the, she's all that mix. That's right? Yeah. One is the Dawson's Creek mix. Wasn't it? Yes. There you go. We're in, by the way, we're in the key of E flat, but we're playing. If you listen to the guitars, we're playing in a C shape, which means we've got a on the third thread.

Yeah. How do we know that we're playing in a C shape? Let's talk for a minute about how we listen to a guitar part for context, okay. For you guitarists out there. This is how it's not as easy to do on a piano, but guitar because there are only so many ways to play a chord. And there are, you can hear the difference in like open strings and you know, what the sound of the open strings are and sort of contextually, if you're playing a C chord, what else might happen if you lift or put down certain fingers?

Right? You can just tell this is a C shape, whether or not it's Cape mode playing somewhere else on the neck. I don't know for sure. But until you sit down and go, okay, you know, unless you've just got a fantastic year. If you've got perfect pitch or something, then good for you. But like you can hear by context.

A lot of times, if a guitarist, especially a rhythm guitarist and especially, especially an acoustic guitarist is playing, you know, open chords, not bar chords, then can. Rightly figure out just through context clues, what key shape they're playing in. Anyway. So in this case, we've got this opening thing and it sounds like the key of C because it's doing this thing where you get this top note, did it move?

Okay. So that's the one it's in the major seven, then the flat seven, then the major seven. Okay. I'm talking about just that top note. That's the movement. It's all see on the bottom. But you can tell by the way that court is being voiced. The top note of that court is up here and you've got here, here, here, here.

That's the spelling of a C chord on guitar. That's the way a C chord sounds, those five notes specifically make up a C chord shape. Right. And so, and then the other clue is that movement, the that's what happens when you lift up your first finger from a C Corp becomes BA at a C going to a. In this case, it's an E flat going to a D, but you know what I'm saying?

But the sh shape wise, right? And then the other Baba, that's what happens when you put your pinky down to make it a C7 chord C dominant seven chord. So that's, that's how you can tell, just from context you go, I'm not a hundred percent sure what key we're in, but I know my fingers know how to play this riff now.

Right? I like that section. So guitars that's listening to just the way accord is voiced. If it's an open chord, you can play a D a G, C or E, and usually an F or probably a B also. And tell just from one strum of the chord, you can. That's what chord this is because I know how that court is built on a guitar.

That's good. Isn't that wild? That's what my favorite sections. Good job, Rob. That's why he's the theory guy. That's why I'm the theory guy. Okay. Next thing we get. So we get that go around a couple of times, then we get this mark lean Nash. His voice is it's just so charming and lovely and it smells nice.

And what do doesn't want to hear a beautiful woman and, and a fair number of women want to hear a beautiful woman? Start a conversation with kiss me, right? Her, her voice is absolutely enchanting. You would follow that voice anywhere, right? Like kiss me. And then like you just go, okay. Yes. And then. What do you need from me?

What can I do for you? You know? W what, what can I buy you? Where can I take you? You know, like, it's just, yeah, I'll follow you out into the bearded barley. Let's go. Where's the pier let's find the bearded. Bartlett's no, this grass is green. That's the greenest grass I've ever seen. I'm sorry, guys. We're gonna, we're going to go swing, swing, you know, good night, her voice.

And I mean, I honestly, I mean this in the, the least like creepy in just the purest way, her voice is just lovely. Right? It's just, it just, it it's enchanting is the best word I can come up with. Okay. Then let's get into the drums. The drum sound incredible. The snare is incredible. The bass listen to the bass.

The bass is really full and punchy, but it's not in the way. Here's a note. Yeah. It's, it's, it's. Tone wise. It's it's got a lot of punch, but it's not big. It doesn't sound big. Listen to this in the mix here.

it's like, it it's like, it has a lot of impact, but it doesn't, you know what I mean? I dunno if it was a, a smaller kick, maybe, you know, it wasn't like a 24 inch John Bonham kick drum. Probably it was probably something smaller. But anyway, I just love that the drums on this whole album sound incredible.

The bass part on the turnaround between the chorus and the verse. Okay. I love this.

Okay. So the base is outlining exactly what the guitars are doing. It's playing a, a, a one cord bomb. Let's see, boom, bump, bump, bump, bump. Then it goes to make seven, seven BOM BOM, BOM, BOM, BOM, BOM, BOM BOM, which is the major seven. Then bump, bump bump, which is the flat seven. It's doing exactly what it's just accenting that with the other guitars.

I love that doesn't do it on the verses. It goes to just straight sitting on the one thing, but in that little interlude where there's some space, bass players get his licks in, you know? Yeah. I like that too. And then who doesn't love a clean. Accordion interlude is accordion band Dion, but something in that family followed by a clean guitar solo

Yeah. And then there's also, we noticed this just really when we were, when we were. Listening to the beginning. There is some very subtle delay on the drums at the timing of a 16th note that makes the, you can hear it on the snare and you can hear it on the high hat at the beginning. That makes it sound like it's being struck twice a 16th note apart and stones.

So instead of a boom, boom, you get a boom. And the, and, and the hi-hat get, and it gives this, this extra movement. It also in the chorus, like when the drums are going full board almost makes it sound like there's a loop going. It's the kind of sound you would get. If you were using like a, a break, beat loop, you know, it gives you that feelings of this

and it's throughout. I think it's, I don't think it's a true double hit. I think it's a delay thing. But anyway, it's really just a beautiful song, dude. Gorgeous. Everything about it is. Light and fluffy and let's go hold hands. You know what I mean? It's just, just fantastic. What do you got? We can either make the band that played on it.

Let's go out and do that. We're talking about them. It's dumping me, man. Hey mama. Let's beat the man.

we're going to meet the band that played on. Kiss me from Sixpence, Matt Slocum get some words as they, as we mentioned, music, guitar, cello he played guitar on early Chris Taylor's demos. You remember Chris Taylor? You remember the CCM band? A love coma. I don't know if you remember that. Do not remember.

I know that anyway, there's Taylor, but I'm thinking about a baseball player. I think there, they broke up in the nineties. They were United in 2019. Oh. I said reunited that way they, they reunited, they reunite. In 2019, it did. Matt played a with over the Rhine. He played bass with the choir and cello with Chris rice.

So there you go. So he's kind of played a lot of different things, super talented primary rider for Sixpence. He abstinent. The musical architect. Yeah. I don't want to say the brains behind, but pretty much. He's, he's kind of architects. A great, great one good word on that. On a good architect is a good word.

On drums Dale biker. So the drum, the drummer that Rob had mentioned is breaker baker on drums, started playing percussion in 2000 or in 2013, he started playing percussion with a band called big star, and they have a song called 13. Now he plays drums mainly in a North Carolina theater now. So he plays theater music now, which kind of makes sense.

You may have seen him play drums on little shop of horrors or Newsies or little mermaid there in the North Carolina feel like little mermaids fitting in. It's awesome. Also sidebar, I can't make this up. He played at a musical called I'd never even heard of this year in town. You're in town. You're in town.

Yeah. So anyway, maybe don't go watch that. Not you are in town. Hey, come see me when you're in town, but no, it's. Like a liquid waste in town, PP Ville, exactly. Original title. Those of y'all that know me as J.P., you know, that is my middle name. I am J P yes. There you go. So you're in town anyway. Dale baker on drums on bass JJ plus Senseo also played for plum, which also makes sense.

Kevin max, and here's a throwback for you, Fernando, or Tayga his longtime bass player, Rob like Simpson Fernando great writer on accordion and some additional engineering. John mark painter. So I think we are correct in assuming that that is the accordion part. We were talking about. Sound engineer, extraordinary.

He did the movie hoodwinked with Anne Hathaway, Glenn close, Jim Belushi kind of little red riding hood animated film. Yeah, he did the, he was the sound engineer for that. It's score. Did some VeggieTales stuff in a group with his wife they're called Fleming and John, obviously she's Fleming. He's John.

He has played and recorded with Ben folds, Peter furler and huge list. So I was just trying to find something in this era that I would want to throw in here. Remember Carolyn. Carolyn Eric fricking we should do seize the day. I love that song. Now let me some Carolyn Aarons and the most random that he's done with in that list of seven dust.

So nothing more opposite of Carolyn errands and Sixpence, seven dust. So I told my seven story on the aged 80 though, telling again there's different listeners. Yeah. Okay. So long story short, I saw the lead singer of seven dust. Eat a joint one at a Creek shower. There you go. At a creature opening for creed.

I went to see creed. I did. I admit it. I just graduated. What else was I supposed to do? And seven does open forum and we were like second row in the pit. Why in the world anyway, but the lead singer of. Seven dust is a scary guy. He's like, imagine if he looked like, if Aegis Elba had like 40 pounds of muscle on him.

Right. And he's just wearing a vest and and Carl lone had a child. Yes, exactly. And and he, you know, there's a guy smoking and he's like, he goes give me the joint. It looked like, honestly, like he was mad that somebody who was smoking it right to show like you're not supposed to be smoking in here is like the tone.

Right. You'll give me that. And they pass it up to him and he takes one kids don't smoke. But he takes one drag off of this joint and then puts it in his mouth and swallows it whole. And everybody just goes like eight of that. Or he's the greatest magician. He was just slight of hand, just like I've been waiting on this opportunity.

I've been practicing with his hacker chips and watch it copper failed every chance I get. Yeah. So that dude was. Dude, to be messed with Tony man, I'm going to go on a B3 legend, we talked about Phil Madeira. The first band he was in was with my Garfield. Kagy in the seventies. He's been here in Nashville since 1983 as a sideman stuff with civil wars, Kemo, Garth, Bruce Hornsby, Ricky Skaggs.

And so I was looking at their, his list trying to find the person from his list that would be fitting with the Sixpence. Carolyn errands, Cindy Morgan. That's what I, that's where I landed. Yes. Cindy Morgan, the loving kindness and on vocals lean Ash who you'll stick around. You're going to love, love chatting with her and hearing her talk with her.

Leigh is now doing, she's going to be talking about an EP that was literally about to come out when we interviewed her. Now it's been out for a little while. But she, she sings with CC Winans who just racked up at the Grammys by the way. Tanya Tucker, it's just. She's still so very herself, but it's a little more twangy

you know what I mean? It's just a little more twangy now. The Texas comes out a little more and we had a great time talking with her. Her cat was having some problems. We may leave that in the interview. We may not, but yeah, we'll, we'll see how that goes. And was it a dog is an animal, some animal.

There was some animal in the house that was in trouble. The and as an creepily, as Rob talked about her voice, I want to just as an creepily, talk about her eyes. I think she has beautiful eyes the way she looks into the camera. So there you go. Oh, one of my buddies took a girl that I liked to prom and this was their song from prom.

So I should hate this song. I can't, it's amazing. It's amazing. So. Let's talk a little bit about the album the self-titled album sixpence, none, the richer it's got that kind of orangy. Not like Renaissance, but like old, you know, kind of painting on the front, a stained glass kind of looking deal.

Not stained glass, but it's like, I dunno how it's like the little it's like the little images that move around in between sketches on Monte Python. Right? That's kinda what it looks like. You expect it to like break apart and start going, you know, whatever. Anyway so the, the album went to number one in the U S Christian albums chart.

Number 27 in the UK overall albums chart and number 89 on the billboard 200, it was nominated for a Grammy award for best rock gospel album, along with Petras God fixation, big tent, revivals, amplifier audio. Adrenaline's some kind of zombie, one of my favorite audio, adrenaline albums and your winner.

You want to guess what the winner was? What year is 90 90. It would have been 99, 2000, I guess the awards would have actually been DC talk like supernatural, supernatural. Maybe they were, I think they were already out of that window. I don't think you'll be able to guess it because I would never have guessed that this album won best rock gospel.

Is there a way you can give them random? Is there a way you can give me a clue? That's the name of the city? What you were well-acquainted. It's not Bob Athens. That's where I was like Athens, Athens. Okay. Christian band city, man lived there. Holy cow. Ashley Cleveland, dude, man, I would have never gotten there, but great hint.

Thank you. The album you are there by Ashley Cleveland, the Grammy award for best rock gospel album. How about that? I'm going to say. Sixpence w absolutely robbed in that category of those five alums. Now, I'm not going to say about those albums, what I said about the other song nominees, but, but as, as an album goes, this album is as Bulletproof as they come.

This is the best silver metal. And every win, like of all the silver medals ever handed out in the history of silver metals, this is the best silver metal continuously the same way. It almost the same way that we talked about Vienna by Ultravox. How could it have gotten held off from number one, but Joe Dolce shut up at you face, like how did this not win the Grammy for, for for best song and not when the Grammy for best rock gospel album.

It absolutely deserving of both of those. And the committee just missed it that year. The recording academy whiffed absolutely on those. I do, I'm wanting, I want to dig into the album a little bit because there's a couple of things that just need to be said about this album from front. It is beautiful.

It is haunting. It has joy, it has pain. It has just, everything is emotional. It is emotional. And this is one of the things I love it as a Christian album that so many Christian albums, miss this album has sadness in it. Right. It has real life emotions. It's not just roses, you know? And so it's like, you know, there's, there's, there's pain coming out in some of these songs and that's just part of life and it's fine to sing about.

It's fine to write songs about Christians to admit that sometimes life's a little tough, good Lord. You know? And so this is an album that I feel like does that really well and expresses it without being like mopey and, and you know, like self yeah. You know, if you want to do that, go listen to stain.

You know, if you want that conversation, listen to stain

that's for you, Joel Patterson. So, but seriously, this album and I literally mean it from the first note to the last this album is absolutely brilliant. But interesting note, if you listen on streaming or if you have the 1999 rereleased CD, this album also includes there, she goes there version of there, she goes as part of this album, but it wasn't originally.

And if, and it's weird, I didn't realize that. And I listened to it on streaming a while back. I usually have it on CD and I was listening to it, but I'm so streaming it's the last track is there. She goes. And it doesn't fit. Like, I mean, obviously it sounds like Sixpence, but this album to me, this album as a whole just kind of exists on a higher plane.

There she goes, is this pop song? That's a cover that to me, it feels weird to me on the album, be on a different project. It definitely feels bonus track. You know what I mean? It doesn't, it's not part of the album, but it gets added to the album because originally it was just a single that they put out after.

But if you have the vinyl, make sure you also have the CD because the limited edition vinyl excludes the songs easy to ignore. And one of my favorite tracks tracks, Plato is Scribner, which that normal Spanish, no, c'mon,

kill it, crushing it, which we, we should talk about this song for a second. Okay. Because this is literally one of the most interesting songs I've ever heard in my life. I kid you not, I'm not exaggerating. This is one of the most interesting songs I have ever heard. Let's play a little bit. Play-Doh all over it.

Yeah. Ladies and gentlemen, there is no need to panic, but at this time we are going to issue our first ever door, because we're about to spend the next several minutes, breaking down a very interesting, very complicated section of a song that we are not covering on today's episode. If that interests you, then by all means stick with us.

But if music theory is just not your thing and you don't want to hear us talk about this beat, then skip ahead to about 37 minutes and 30 seconds and we'll hit stumped the genius for you there. This next section is going to be fascinating to the music people, but if you're not interested, then we don't want to lose you.

This has been the first ever huge.

Oh my gosh. Okay.

Let's start right there. The verses to the song and the intro are in, what's what I'm going to call alternating meter. Okay. It's a rare thing, but I've seen it a couple of times in playing like concert band style music, symphonic style music, where you have it's not mixed meter, which is where like you're playing in four, four.

And at the end of the phrase, there's a bar of three, four, and then it goes back into four, four. This is truly an alternating meter where at the beginning of the piece, if you were riding it out in concert band, instead of this bars in four, four, and then the next bar, you would write a three-four to signify the time change.

And then the next part you would write a four, four, and the next bar you'd write a three, four, that's a lot of extra printing, a lot of extra writing and work. So what they'll do is they would write like four, four plus three, four as the main time signature. Because of field reasons. I'm going to say no.

Okay. If you wanted it to feel like four, four than three, four specifically. Okay. Because the whole, it's not this as a group of seven four it's this section is for, for this session is three for the pulse of this song should feel like four, four and 3, 4, 7, 4 combined. I just write for example, and this song is not in that time signature.

We're going to get into that, but this, but just by way of example, because those are the, probably two most simple. So you would say that the one-time signature would just say, once this song is in four, four plus three, four, and you're just understanding as you read it, this is a bar of four. This is a bar of three.

And the, and of course the notes would tell you that the notes and the bar lines would, would tell you that. So this song is in an alternating meter like that. Okay. But it's one bar of three, four times. Okay. Followed by a bar of five, eight time. Holy cow. And it repeats over and over and over the, the drums.

The drums will clue us in here. Okay. But then the drums are doing something extra that makes it even more not convoluted. Impressive. Okay. So let's count it. First

1, 2, 3, 1 2, 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 5 1 1 2 and three. And 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 1, 2, 3, and three. Okay. Alright. Now we're gonna do it again. Now that we know how to count it, listen to the high hat. Okay. This is just an, this is just an open, closed foot thing on the Hyatt where he's just skates and the high hat never changes meter.

Okay. Which means that it goes. On the beat for two bars off the beat for two bars. Okay. So the hi-hat is basically playing for four. Okay. It's just going 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3. It's just playing quarter notes. All right. So let's listen

here. It's orthopedics one. And he's doing like, I'm sure love he's he's left foot knit with his high hat and then just play double handed. All the snare. That's crazy groove itself is, is sheerly brilliant. And then they wrote a song around it. Okay. So the let's let's let me let you hear a little bit now of the. First it's the song itself in Spanish.

Don't forget. You're not having a stroke.

1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 3. I love it. The bass players. Yeah.

And I'm not going to take the full time to dig in this. Cause it would be too much and everybody would turn it off. Okay. But let me just explain, and then if you want to go dig back into it and find out, prove, improve me here, you can do it. Okay. The course is actually polymetric okay. The chorus has poly, meaning all has multiple multiples, two meters at the same time.

Okay. Essentially is what it feels like in which the pitched instruments. Okay. The, you know, the bass, the guitars strings are continuing in 3, 4, 5, 8 alternating. Okay. And the drums are going into a four, four field straight forward, which at times feel like is hitting the snare on every beat. But then on every alternating 3, 4, 5, 8, it's hitting like double Tawny.

Right? So it's, it goes. And the, and by the way, on top of all that, or under all that, I should say the kick is hitting with the movement of the bass and the melody. So the kick is going the kickbacks. So if the

the kick is doing all those boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Right. And it all lands together eventually. So let's listen back to that one time. So the, the, the note instruments, the pitched instruments are all keeping 3, 4, 5, 8 alternating time with the kick.

Yes. And the kick is hitting with that. And the hands of the drummer are playing for four alternating quarter notes in double time. Okay. So one time this song is so brilliant in Spanish.

and then it's back to that 3, 4, 5, 8 alternating. And then I've got to stop, but then the bridge is, and four, four with some more poly rhythmic feelings. The guitars and strings are essentially playing four bars in three eight time than a bar of two, four. And the drums are accenting beats that back that up.

But the whole thing is really in a syncopated four for it. So it's like here, we're going to put it in a normal bar, but it's not going to feel super normal until the very end when you realize what we did. It's like, it goes, but I'm bottom, bottom, bottom, bottom, bottom, bottom, bottom button. But it, but it doesn't have that.

Get pulse is not there yet. It's going bottom, bottom, bottom, bottom, bottom, bottom, bottom BombBomb. And so it's just wild to the song is nuts. Absolutely not. That was enjoyable. That guy is a genius, but let's see how genius he is. When we play stump, the genius let's play.

it's like your part. I'm ready to get some things. Right. All right, guys, let me get a, once we get all geared up here now room's been doing pretty good on, on stumped. The genius. I think we all can. I can say this is going to be around as I'm keying up here. It's one of those that I'm cheering for him. Went back to one of those.

We do these different stumped, the geniuses somewhere main and really try to stump him. And then some where I'm like kinda semi stumping. So here we go. We're going to play name the artist who was singing this song with kissing and the title. And I think you're going to do okay. We got six of them. I'm going to get a little bit harder as we go down.

So if you miss the first one you're in trouble. Okay. So I think the we'll do the first one, which you may miss, but a twos two. You'll get three. You'll get, I already feel like I know what one now I'm just trying to catalog picture and songs and there's not going to be necessarily a stool. I got two of them already.

I'm going to jump in one. I'm going to get the hand. Wow. That was super quick. Alright, nailed that. Okay. Here's what. This is a oh, your pisses on my list. I was thinking all female. It took me a second guessed by sale.


Katie Perry. Nailed it. I should have been ringing the bells on four belts. This one's going to be a little bit trickier and I'm going to have to do a cutoff. I'm going to give you maybe part of a verse. I should have said

it's just not the sky and spin. Wow. Is it I'll give you a little more

I want to kiss a girl. I do not know that. So here's the last one for the grand finale. I just assumed Sharon was going to be in this list. I didn't put share on here. I'm only going to give you a little bit of this. Okay.

I'm here with you so close to me. Oh, oh, oh, hard to fight these fees when it feels so hard to breathe. Oh, no. Caught up in this little bit. Tougher, caught up. People are screaming. They are screaming. Okay. If I, if I let it go to the next part of the virus, it's going to give you a clue. I'm going to keep it going.

This is the one little clip. Oh lady. Hey lady. A good job. Okay. So we'll give you the win. What's the song, just to kiss in the Moonlight. I guess I got to skip the head and let you actually hear them sing it, but good job, bro. That was good. How long did it take you guys out there to get those six? Because Rob got all six of them.

People were screaming at me. Hope you guys have enjoyed this so far. You got anything else, Rob? If not, I got just a little bit interesting note on, we see this so often it's starting to break my heart for all these artists. The, the follow-up to the self-titled sixpence, none, the richer album waited four years before it could be released, which is not the way you want to do for you.

You want to catch the momentum, catch the fire, keep it going. Yeah. And. Because it was because their label squint was in trouble and folding. And so this came out in 98, it was 2002 before divine discontent came out. Which still had a huge hit breathe. Your name. Absolutely. And should we play a little bit of breathing your name and you can play her version of don't dream.

It's over two, which is on here too.

okay. That's great. And then of course, yes. The crowded house cover their beautiful version of don't dream. It's over

I love her under vocal, her own harmonizing Boca park.

I remember the song they did call just, it was simply called breathe, not breathe. Your name was that Leigh solo song. It was on, I think it was, it was on some album. I was trying to remember it. I was just thinking about it. It just triggered. We were talking about breathing your name. It was on an album.

It's like a compilation. It had a blue cover maybe called oceans or something. They're just called breathe. You that one. I don't know. Play a satellite. Oh my gosh. Breathe this album for break. This. That was strange. That's what it's called. Yeah. Yeah. Everybody came in at the eight that album of, I worked at a Christian bookstore and we sold a ton of that album.

It shows great. Right. Wholly chow. We just had a moment that we just discovered here, guys, maybe we'll leave the Oregon Moira Brennan and Michael McDonald, Sixpence. Chris Rodriguez, yet Michelle tombs for him and John Anderson, delirious and Amy Grant doing find me in the river. Jackie Velasquez, burlap to cashmere point of grace.

That's like, that's our era of all that stuff. All those names just hit heartstrings. You know, it used to be on here, but isn't now no, Jennifer now shut up. Wow.

Wow, dude. That's crazy. It's just blew me away. That's awesome.

Dang this whole podcast. I'm not just talking about today. I'm talking with the last five years was all worth it for that because I used to listen to that constantly. And then I think something happened to my CD and it's just gone from my stolen out of that book. And this Ford truck. Holy cow. There you go guys.

That's your, that's your nugget of goodness for the day dreams go. Oh my gosh. Okay. All right. What's happened on the way home, right? So that's good. Oh man. I feel like there was a Nicole Norman Trek on there too, man. And it's good stuff. Wow. Okay. Okay. One other thing. There's a there's a cover of the song by newfound glory.

There's a cover of kiss me, find new found glory. Have you heard it? Probably because my wife loves newfound glory. She's in her, there in her top five favorite bands of all time. She wants to get a tattoo from Jordan. Who's now a tattoo artist in Nashville. Okay. Let's take a little listen, different field, slightly faster.

here's the thing. Everything laded sweet vocally swings.

I still sing along.

you can't not sing with strike up the band and make the fireflies dance

yes. So, all right. So I hate that so much, but the song is so good that I still let it play and I still sing along. It's good. It's been a lot of fun. Let's chat with Leigh. Goodness. Let's go, let's talk to Leigh. And w before you do anything else, first of all, go download her latest album. It's called the tide.

It's an EAP. It's fantastic. You're going to love it. She's going to talk a little bit about about it in our interview, and then go to all our social media channels and follow us at Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, all those at Great Song pod. And you can be part of our Facebook group, which is called great songs and the great people who love them greatly.

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It's it's the green, green grass of Facebook. It still exists. A happy place, still exists on Facebook and it's called great songs and the great people who love them greatly. If you want to go the extra mile and become a supporter of the show, you can do that by going to Great Song, pod patriotic, just a site where you can like send us a couple bucks every month.

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We will do when you go to Great Song pod to support the show. Thank you so much for listening. Whether you are a Patrion producer, a Facebook group, user, a Twitter follower, or an Instagram story viewer, we appreciate it so much. Whatever your level of engagement with the show is, it means the world to us.

So now we're going to go talk to Leigh and we'll be back on the other side of town. This is the Great Song Podcast. All right, we'll do a little intro here. And a, and then we'll just get started. Ladies and gentlemen, as promised we are here with Leigh of Sixpence, none, the richer and foliage and solo records galore.

Leigh, thank you so much for joining us today on the Great Song Podcast. It's a treat to have you, we are super excited. Why don't we get started with the new EAP? I want to know everything about the tide volume one. It really sounds like you're going for you know, the heart of some things. It feels like you've got some things to say, is that, is that kind of am I reading that right?

No, absolutely. I mean, I don't, it doesn't, it does. It never starts out. Well, that's not true. Wow. Here we go. Here we go guys. Alaina Ash interview and not intentionally, I didn't think, oh, these things need to be spoken about, and I need to write a song about it. It was more that they just kind of naturally got shoved in my face.

Like being a wife is sometimes difficult. Being a husband is sometimes very difficult. And and when you're in quarantine that that's, you know, even more so, so, so, you know, we, we ended up writing Nate for this after one of our arguments were, which we, we did. All right. We didn't find a lot during the quarantine cause it really couldn't afford to, we've got a 17 year old son.

He was 16 at the time. We were trying to keep things as calm and copacetic as possible. So but on one of the days that we met up and ended up tearing each other, a new one, we got a blanket out and sat out in the sun and wrote that bong. And certainly as the same thing was good trouble. Like. That they're in think that, you know, I needed to be the ones that give voice to that subject matter, but oh, after last summer and George Floyd murder and all of the, the unrest and the rioting and just the you know, just the horror of what I was witnessing and what we all, we were all witnessing.

It really got me. And then after John Lewis got away and they kept, you know, Talking about or showing his speeches and what he would talk about then I couldn't get good trouble out of my head. So, yeah. So it's a very long answer to your question. You and Steven compliment each other so well, vocally, like it's, it's perfect.

Really good. Let's go back in time a little bit and talk some Sixpence if that's okay. We're going to ask those questions that you've answered a million times that I'm sure love talking about. So let's, let's go. All right. You guys won the dove award for best album this beautiful mess. And you were already making a big splash in the scene and becoming household names.

And then. Suddenly or I guess gradually really kiss me it all. This is everywhere. At what point during that sort of, you know, it released if I'm right in late 98, and then really starting to take off a few months into 99, when, at what point did you look around and go, oh, snap, this is something bigger happening.

I think what I get as we were working we had traveling to different radio stations and playing the song and just. Trying to get people to get that year worm, you know, like has this great. Yeah. I can, you know, trying to get those those radio people to be on our side and on the side of our song.

And and I guess every day when we would go and do that, that we'd visit multiple stations a day, you know, and we'd hear you got three ads today and it, that, that sort of talk, you know, I'd never really heard that kind of radio talk, but like we've got the whole Northeast guys and, you know, talk like that.

And that goes to the label, not the band, that's not the rate. Any of us would have talked for surgery, you know, Humble band of, of people. We, you know, I don't think we were all that aware until it talk like that started happening and we could visibly see our team around us really excited. So I think we must've thought, oh, something good is happening.

Was that was that you know I've heard some people talk about that part of the process of, of being an artist, you know, being a real grind that they didn't enjoy. And then some people were like, I love it. Just going to town, to town, meeting all the local radio hosts and all that stuff. Where do you, where do you, where was that for you?

What do you enjoy that? Or is it something that was sort of a necessary evil? No, I absolutely loved. I loved it. And I think part of why I loved it is that I'm good at it naturally. And a lot of times things that you're good at, it doesn't necessarily mean you need to go out and do it every single day. So I wonder if in my twenties, I just wasn't aware that I needed to have some boundaries so that.

You know, take care of myself and like rest at night, like you don't have those in your late teens and early twenties. I didn't think, oh, maybe being on 24, 7 is not the best thing for you. But you know, but it was fun because because it's true, I'm good at it. And I do, and I'm good at it because I love people.

But as an old woman, like I am now in my mid forties I know that it's, you know, it's great, but then, you know, you've got to take some time for yourself. Sure. When, when the when kiss me started to take off and sort of in turn, the album started to take off where you guys prepared for that. Like, did you have an inkling that, that self titled album might bring that kind of response and you're just waiting for the country to catch up or did it kind of catch.

They caught us by surprise for sure. The only hint was how hard our label had us working. And they were working hard. So, you know, if we had sort of done the math or kind of followed the, the math we would have seen science as they say, you know, that the chances are pretty good that something's going to happen.

But no, I think we were just too much in the middle of it. We're having a good time together at the end because we'd been a band for such a long time already. That, no, I don't there. We were not prepared and I'm not really sure how you even could be prepared for something like that. Themes. It feels overnight, even though you've already been in it for a decade and tied onto the preparation question, I know you've opened for like, as that, as you were starting to blow up, as he said, you were opening for like the choir and then you go open it for like 10,000 maniacs and the proclaimers.

How does prepping for a tour like that versus prepping to be with like audio adrenaline. And Newsboys like, do y'all put together the same sets in your mind. Do you try to go out and do the same thing or are you like, we need to mix it up for the different crowds? No, I, I feel like we definitely just always played what we would play anywhere.

Yeah. There was never any sensitivity to the crowd. Just being honest. So you guys for a, you know, for a quote unquote, a band that was primarily at the time anyway, reaching sort of the, the CCM market. You guys were not afraid to write about some things that were really you know, dark and maybe full of doubt or questions that, and that didn't always end with a nice tight resolution.

You know what I mean? Did you, did you catch flack for that or were you, were you ever worried that, okay, this is not going to fly. We need to back this off. We definitely caught flack for it, but Matt bloke, I'm the primary, I want to say. So go rider really. I mean, there were some other people contributed to that, that Matt, Matt really board the brunt of the songwriting and not, not like it was something he hated to do.

He obviously really was inspired to do it, but yes, we got flack and I think it was when, when we would get slack. The like, you know, people, our age would be this rebel against that. Like that's complete garbage what people are saying, and we're just going to keep doing what we're doing. So, no, we never, there was never a, we're going to back down from this because yeah.

And you can get into what God wants and doesn't want all day long, but I don't think God wants a bunch of minions. You know, just like blindly following him. I think, you know, he he wants people to do their research and do their homework and spend time with them. And I don't think we were writing grounds that were against, against that at all.

The there's parts of these, where we just kinda gush over things that we love about the artists. So I have, I have a tie in for the previous thing you talked about. I know Matt did the majority of the writing on 2000 twos. Divine gets into discontent album, love that album. You got breathe your name's track one, and don't dream it's over as for sandwiched in there at track three is down and out of time, which is the only song that you wrote on the album.

But I think it's the most underrated six. Ever. I love that song. It's brilliant. The tape, the tattoo of me in a room without you line is such a head-scratcher and it's my favorite Sixpence line in that song. And you actually wrote that. So thank you so much. No problem. I also love the blue and blue solo project with producer Pierre on there.

He co-wrote building a mystery in 80th, so that, I mean that guy's a legend. He's done stuff. My idea of heaven, dude, that video gets me every time with the old couple, with the card all over again at the very end I'm like balling. So we, I know me too. What is sweet and video the I do want you to tell this story to coming from you and be better than me trying to tell it, but the time you met bono at the art house, I heard a, I heard the story about that.

I heard you before, this is a great story. Will you tell this one to the listeners? Of course, yes. We were invited to Charlie. Not outhouse, take your 11 year old dog and go to house. Oh my gosh. I can't. That was an accident art house, really beautiful place. And and it was just a select few people that to be in there, I want to say maybe a hundred, a hundred people.

And so I remember there was all kinds of a hubbub about who was going to get to be there. And my my son's father, my husband, it was like the biggest YouTube fan ever. And bono was coming to the art house to speak to us about aids. And and, and what, what just all kinds of stuff, like what he was doing about it, what we could do to help.

And I, I just, I remember I was kinda missed that my husband couldn't get in. Cause that was, I mean, it would have been such a dream come true. And he, he just waited out in the car for me and it just broke my heart. So the whole time I was sitting there, like not wanting to love every word coming out of Banos, but I couldn't, I couldn't help it.

I was just completely the font, the filament, if that's the word, but our besotted and he just said such beautiful things about. It's his faith journey and just beautiful things about everyday. He's just such a well-spoken individual. And, and then but you know, I was, I was still mad everybody in the room because mark didn't get to come be in there.

And so my bread a little bit was like in the front and the front row and I was sitting somewhere close to Dan half. So kind of jars was playing when bono was walking out, everybody's seated, you know, and the Ari house was a very, it's a very beautiful, but very casual, a little room like a. Church kind of.

And anyway, Wianno walked by Dan and he hugged him and he said, thank you for the work you're doing. And I'm like, oh, sweet. And I love this guy. And then he stopped in front of me and I was like, why is there still a shadow? I was looking down. I was like, why, why do I spend so human in front of me? And I started instantly getting that nervous, sweat at my hands are sweating, just talking about it.

And I looked up and he was looking down at me and he bowed and he kissed my hand and he said, I'm a fan. In front of all those turns that wouldn't let my husband, I was like, oh, y'all can kiss my hand kiss. I understand that nervous hand sweating is being robbed like five minutes before. We're like, we're about to talk to Leigh.

This is about, no, that was, that was quite a high level. That's dark, that's compliments right there. So I have two little things that I'm going to touch on and then tie it into a question. So you guys are no stranger to a wonderful cover. Obviously I talked about don't dream it's over there. She goes is two minutes and 44 seconds of pure magic.

What does Leigh members and what were the laws on your radio on your, on your radar at the time? He's a brilliant songwriter or were you just like, or was that presented to you? Like you should cover, cover this one. No. He was on Matt locums radar as was the laws and, you know, their, their whole body of work, which was just one record right there.

She goes, it was already like kind of an instant classic, even though it hadn't been out that long. So it's kind of is a really interesting choice, but Matt was like, let's start doing this song. And so when I, I was like, there she goes, you know, I was scratching my head, how I got in a bind, the shady, you hear that?

And then I heard it on you're like, oh, of course I know this song. And I was so excited. I've always loved like gender bending, you know, with kids, me, I got to do it and just sort of just singing a song called there. She goes. And I am of you know, whatever hetero persuasion. You know, I sang this song about my mom and I, I thought that was always so sweet and fun and that finding a fun question to answer.

A lot of people thought, oh, she's coming out, she's a lesbian. And, and that would have been fine too, but that's not at all what was happening. It was just a Great Song we wanted to do. I wanted to ask, I didn't realize until I was getting into some research, but I saw that kissed me, went to number two on the hot 100, the AC chart and the adult top 40 chart where you guys like come on, like one, one lousy spot more.

I know what the top of the hot 100 was no scrubs by TLC, which. That's pretty awesome. I'm cool with that. I found it kind of funny because no scrubs is kind of like the opposite of kiss me. It's like get away from me, but I still, I still love that song. And I love these though, if it was the TLC I'm all about it.

Cause they, they deserved it. But but yeah, it was like, it was all over the world. I think it was number one and a bunch of other countries and dang, I was amazed. So it such an exciting time. I wish it was the nineties again, not because I want to be like, like, you know, the top of the roller rollercoaster, but it was just a different time and there was more mystery to musicians even like see every part of their body before you heard their music.

Like on Instagram, it's like, wow, there's there. He or she, all of them. But yeah, I just, I liked the mystery. I missed it. I, I agree that I wish it was the nineties too, because of the music videos, like music videos were so prominent then. And you did multiple versions of kiss me on a video. How did that come about where you picked a, the different versions and B, do you know who has the TV that y'all are holding, watching she's all that, do you know where that, what a great question.

No, I bet somebody in that department either took it back or it was theirs, or somebody was like, Ooh, I'm going to keep this piece of memorabilia. That should be the rock and roll hall of fame. Somewhere that I'm hearing is probably a bit of a picture with that picture on the TV. Like if they could get it.

Yeah, I don't need smart. Yes, I the videos are really fun. We Steve Taylor was the, kind of the mastermind behind for one thing, supporting expense to the point where something actually tipped over, you know, the, we kind of got going over the rollercoaster during God, all that momentum. But he was also the mastermind behind that, that video is black and white one.

We did in Paris and you know, directed it and took us over there. It was crazy. And then and then when kids got to prominence, because if she's all that, then it became a studio video. Like, you know, where buys in the movie company or yeah, they paid for it and it was awesome. It was really cool.

Totally different kind of video, but so fun to me. Yeah. I've got to know about the 2009 open wings broken strings to work. I was not aware of this at the time, or I would have been in the front row. We're we're both fans of ed and art. So that's so cool tour that you tell me, features, Leigh Nash, Ed Kowalcyk and Art Alexakis.

I'm all the way there for how did that tour out? And what was the energy of that tour? I was being managed by the guy prince harden. Who manages? I don't know if he still does, but manages lives and ecologic, or if that's a separate entity, I know that he was managing ed Qualtric at the same time. So, so that's where it came about because I was being managed by Chris and, and it was, it was so cool.

And I came into it with my reduced preconceived notions about ed and art. Cause I had met him back in, you know, the, you know, like in the airport and all that kind of stuff. Like, oh my God, like, you know, I'm going to talk to them. We're just, our band was very much like they would never want to talk to us.

They all think we're super Christiany and just judging them. And they probably were thinking that, but anyway, all these years later I got the two over. Just gained such a tremendous appreciation for their, their gifts and their musicianship. And you know, it's hard to do to get on a stage all by yourself with an acoustic guitar and just like let her rip.

But man, they did. And I have to say, I mean, I love ed voice and his music. But the real shocker for me was Art Alexakis. Like I expected to love what ed did, but when art gets out there and starts talking and playing his song, you can hear a pin drop. I mean, that guy, those songs take on a whole new meeting, meaning when it's just art and his guitar.

And he is he's incredible. And since then, my husband and I have become really good close friends with him. So yeah, so, so proud of them and just letting them to death. He accidentally, we were in Hawaii and he was there and he accidentally witnessed my husband proposing to me. So I was doing a little jig in the sand and he, we were like, what's that popping noise?

We look about a bridge and it was art up there.

You mentioned the word meaning, and I'm sure you've told this story a thousand times, I saw you, you know, tell it on the 99 Letterman show where you explained the story of the band name. Where I know it came from mere Christianity from CS Lewis. I remember the Cardinal virtues, prudence, justice, temperance, and fortitude.

And I remembered that. But tell to come from, from the mouth of, or from the mouth of lean Ash, can you tell a brief how the band name came to be? Sure. Yeah, Matt Slocum was reading a ton of CS Lewis at the time. This would have been like 1991 or 92. And he came up with that band name and my father and I both looked at each other, like, this is never going to come to anything, you know that.

Right. And but you know, I was after, as time went on, I was like, well, at least interesting. And he of course shared with me where it came from, which was from the book by CS Lewis called mere Christianity where a child asks. For ethics, Pence by the father, I guess. And the father happily gets to spend the money, but is no richer for the transaction.

And so that was CS Lewis way, I guess, of explaining God's love for us and that he gives us gifts and when we get them back to the world and you know, kind of, yeah, fill those shoes, we're not you know, he's no better off. So basically it's just to remain humble and yeah, don't get a big head because people are just like, oh my gosh, you know, it's like, yeah, I have this voice or these writing talents.

God gave him to me, period. It's something divine. I didn't come from me. Yeah. That's great. Yeah. Well, Rob said he wouldn't get a fan boy too much. I'm not done fan, but just gush about, I love that you sing your own harmony parts on a lot of the stairs, which is fine.

Love this. We, we hadn't had a chance to talk about foliage yet with Billy and Roz fuller the song, let it go, which yes, you co-wrote. There's another leak. It's so good. The, I wanted me, like I wanted you progression gets me every time. There's so much tension there. And I think you were the queen of providing tension in the best way to like deliver on whatever.

Thank you. That means so much to me. Thank you so good. And I have to follow it up with a question since I did my gushing gushing question for got going, kiss me in Japanese. Do you speak Japanese? How do you pull that? No, I definitely that I, I am the least Japanese speaking person in the world. I wish that I did because it's one of my favorite places to go.

But they, we had, we have a friend named Mark Joseph that does speak Japanese. He was raised there partially because his parents were missionaries and he was kind of in our, luckily I think he, well, he lives in LA or he did at the time. And, and that's when the label was like, you know, we wouldn't ask you this.

It was like Germany or anywhere else, but it's Japanese. And the song was really checking off there. What if we do a version in Japanese and I was like, heck yes. You know, Matt song. And that was, you know, very precious about his art and still is as he should be. And I think, I think he loved Japanese culture.

Like I do. And. He was like, okay. And so we agreed to it. And our friend that speaks Japanese was there in the studio that day and they spelled it out or we did phonetically. And then if I said, I saying anything wrong, he would correct it. But there were certain things, even like, if you, if you prayed it for a Japanese person, you know, I think they still preferred the English version because some of this stuff is probably sounds really silly.

I don't know. I'll never know. It's so much more complicated than, than doing it now. Like now you've got all these online translation to translate, so complicated to try and pull that off in 1999. Now it's just wild. Totally. I love, I love languages. I love Spanish. I mean, I love all, all languages. And so I consider it a very high honor.

The same and any, in any other language, as long as the people aren't offended, who I'm thinking their language. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Okay. Taylor swift said that kiss me was the first song that she learned to play on guitar. Do you then take full credit for her success? Definitely. Yeah. She has Sixpence. She has good taste in music.

She she has something good there reached for that guitar and play and it was kissing me. I mean, you're the meeting in her life. You're the inspirations. I don't know. I, I adore her. That was such a thrill for us when things like that happen. It's like what? But yeah, no, I, I adore Taylor. Then you have to take credit for the second album, this beautiful mess inspired the band name, which eventually became one Republic.

So you kinda got to take credit for them too, because they were originally called this beautiful mess I heard. So I bet they were. Yeah, they were fans. I think they owe us a lot of money guys.

Yeah, definitely take it to the bank. Well, there's one question. Thanks again, Leigh. This has been so much fun. I hope you've enjoyed it. We have loved hanging out with you. This has been, thank you for talking to, there is one question that we ask everybody. So this will be our last question. And then we'll let you enjoy your day.

So you're on two or either so low or with Sixpence, whoever you're touring with you go into a gas station. What is your gas station? Snack, food of choice. And while you're thinking of it, I'll tell you mine. When I was growing up, my mom would say, you could have any candy bar you want, and I would get a three Musketeers bar because it's the most ounces.

They're all the same price. And that's the most ounces for the money. What is your gas station? Snack. Food of choice. Okay. I would say it is ice crushed ice.

A spark lane. Well, yeah, so the Chico to pour, to pour over the ice, it just, it keeps me up for longer. I won't, I won't get sleepy as long as I've got ice and something sparkly to during I, I can, I can I can relate that all of my drinks that I ordered, tea, Coke, whatever I always ask for extra ice. So we're not so different.

They're all about that was a that once you said it, I went, that makes total sense. That is exactly what you would see her holding. Like I would never have just guessed to say that that's what Leigh going to get at a gas station. But once you said it, I went, that makes total sense. I get it. Well, you've been great.

Thanks so much. Thank you so much. We'll be in touch. Thanks again. Have a great day. Bye-bye this is the Great Song. And that was Leigh. I hope her dog is okay. Just fantastic. To get to chat with her. Just tell that, tell that to 16 year old me tell me that just happened. Wow, absolutely wild Sixpence, such a great band.

And this is literally one of mine. Wow. Yeah, this. Somehow in the back of my mind, this snuck into my all-time top 10 favorite albums. I just realized what it did. We got all desert island averaged out, Joe Cocker. Whoa. Wow. You just happened to this gracious guys were in ladies mind ladies month. This is just the first week that you know, we're going to do something big for next week because it's mother's day weekend, so much laziness and it's going to be fantastic.

And we get to just give a shout out to all these wonderful, powerful, incredible artsy women who have made our lives better through music. So we'll be back next week with another ladies month episode of the Great Song podcast until then I'm Rob J.P. go listen to some music.