March 23, 2022

All For Love (from The Three Musketeers) [Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, and Sting] w Dave Barnes - Episode 908

All For Love (from The Three Musketeers) [Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, and Sting] w Dave Barnes - Episode 908

The ultimate trio of adult contemporary powerhouse dudes gave us one of the absolute hardest movie songs of all time, so it's only fitting that we become a trio once again with our very own D'Artagnan, mister Dave Barnes! We dig deep into this incredible track from Disney's The Three Musketeers soundtrack, plus discussions of all things relevant, and some of course irrelevant.

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You know, who's kind of in that world too with Michael Kamen is the guy that wrote all I want for Christmas is you with Mariah. He's a string. What's his name? I don't even know. Pause, pause, man. Mariah. At first, I thought you were the guy who wrote all over Christmas as my two front teeth for Alvin and the chipmunks Walter and ICF.

Oh, so he's a big hit it's it's very similar to this. Like he conductions James and like he's an English guy, like Elton John albums, like back in the day, like huge albums, but he. Big producer too, but he, he randomly co-wrote that song? I don't know that he's, co-written a bunch of songs, but maybe one of the most, you know, lucrative copyrights in the history of time, he just, that's a side hustle that's made.

I think they've said that song has made. Riley 30 million. Oh, I believe in her house. So that means he has the same. Yeah, because it's been number one in however many different decades now, three different decades, four different decades now. But I just love those kinds of things where it's like, oh yeah, I have this little side hustle.

Right. You know that I wrote this couple songs, but I know him when I was calling to hold them up for Christian. She was like, yeah, no. Yeah. But mostly I'm a string conductor. I'm like, how frustrating is that? People like me who try to write songs all the time. Right. He's like, I don't know. I've written two in my life, you know?

And yeah. One of them just, just nailed it. Yeah. I saw a meme the other day. It was it was Google searches for, for all I want for Christmas as you. And it's, it's over like a decade period. You know what I mean? So, Nothing, nothing, nothing. And then nothing, nothing. And so it zooms in on the, like where we are now, like October 1st or whatever, and it's, it's like this, and then it goes like that.

And, and it's some even it's like, so it begins that kind of thing, the radio, and sing a long time for another Great Song. This is the Great Song pod. Season's greetings and welcome once again to the Great Song Podcast. I'm Rob Alley, J.P. Moser, and we're here to celebrate the greatest songs in modern music history.

We're going to tell you what makes them great, why we think they're awesome and why you should too. J.P. how you doing, man? I am doing fantastic. It guys. We're back. Your three favorite Musketeers. Come on. We got raw. J.P. and David McKee Barnes, let's be honest. We're more like the three Amigos than the three Musketeers.

Have you all seen the three Amigos with Steve Martin and Martin short? Okay. I never realized there's two Martins in there. I'm this? Remember my real life events with moon moments from the movie, because that's how integral to my childhood. We're going to they'll call my dad. El Guapo. Oh, nice. That's awesome.

Okay. Everybody take their piece of paper out, write down who you would want to be of the three of those three, not who you think you are. Like if you could pick one in your alternate life, which one are you? Not as the character, but like the human. Okay. Which of the three? Which of the three? Do you want to be?

Steve Martin Chevy chase or Martin short. Okay. Ready and spin. Berea. Oh, my goodness. Okay. Me and Robert, both Steve Martin Davis, Martin short shorts. I know. That makes sense. That's good. That's good. Okay, cool. It was definitely a seven. Can I just pause it? Can I pause it that I think Martin short is the funniest.

Person alive. Yes. Because I think you can send him into a room with anybody. You give me your funniest person. Okay. He's going to deconstruct them in seconds. He is an assassin that guy. I mean, I just don't, I don't think anybody can hang with his ability to make you laugh. I just think like it, whenever he is on SNL, it's my favorite because he's just like, I will kill all of you.

He's like put me in a skit with you. I'm going to make you laugh. Yeah. Well, you know, Dave lived out Martin short last time we had him on as he closed like a champ with Robert Palmer episode. So Dave, you're living up to who you would like to be. So we'll tie that into the song that we're covering. By the way I'm actually, I'm the most like three Musketeers, the candy bar.

I just, that I had a moment where I was really into those. It was quick, but as my guest station snack food, food of choice, because it's the most ounces when I was growing up. That's it. That's how you knew his mom told him you could have any candy bar. You won't. And that's the most, I love that you knew to be like, okay, I'll be back.

Give me 10 minutes. I'll meet you at the front. It's got a pocket scale. My guys, just some, ah, okay. So if you could be Bryan Adams staying or Rod Stewart, who do you pick? Same day. Oh, wow. Same game. If you could pick man. There's there's different varieties for each one. Dang. Okay. Okay. Here we go. Three. Okay.

Me and Dave Grinnell, Bryan Adams and Robin Sting. I'm wearing a Sting shirt, so I should've gone stay, but it's just cause my brown Adam shirt was dirty, but the truth dirty is the man I'm wearing my Bryan Adams underwear.

Anyway. Anyway, I didn't think anybody would pick rods. You bet Ronstadt he's born Bryan Adams. I don't know where I was going. I'm just gonna say I bet. Rod Stewart. I just bet the end. Okay. Okay. Let's we do takes when we're with dad, Dave, you want to go first? You wanna go second? You wanna go? Third?

We'll let you pick I'll go first. Cause you guys probably have some smart way to pull it all together. I just noticed the other day that if you listen to pour some sugar on me, but. The cadence of the verses is one of the most pleasant ear, satisfying cadences. Now that's a trick though. It's not the melody, but just going into the room

and knowing what lane. You know, that took hours for them. I was like, no, it's gotta feel that's true. But it came on when I was in target the other day and I was like sitting there and he was like, if they didn't care, I was like, sh give me a minute. I was like, no, that is amazing. Like listening to it. It's really cool.

The way they pocket it is really cool. Man. Yeah, that's great. It's almost got that same. It's it's almost like a slowed down version of like early eighties rap. Yes. It's got that same sort of sugar hill kind of cheerleader in the target speakers. It's not like you can really be critical of the mix, so you're going to hear cadence.

So that makes sense. That's good. I love it. Okay. My take stupid, the stupidest take I've ever done, but here. And I love it. 1999 was the best TV pilot series starts. So I'm going to tell you why I'm going to Todd and musically. So here's what started in pilots in 89, saved by the bell. Seinfeld family matters.

Simpsons coach Doogie Howser. Hey dude, just throw that in there. Cops major dad. Okay. So there's a major dot. Opening song and music isn't in any of those. This is just for, this is the dumbest thing ever talks to me that it is the McGee and me soundtrack late eighties, early nineties, Christian kids. Do you know what McGee and may is?

Oh, dude, let's hear a little of the Magee and me opening because I have this guy that does this music with this. This is, this is the stupidest thing ever, but there's good enough McGee and me references in my list. I heard this the other day. Somebody just heard that and just had like a it's listening right now and had like an emotional reaction, like triggered some trauma.

Yep, dude, I'm just gonna jump ahead. Cause it's like three minutes. We don't want you to be confused with Mac and me. Yes. Oh. Which is different in me. What is. It's where the little alien and a kid falls off a cliff or something, but this is a muggy me. This is muggy and me really it'll come wait for it.

When the, when the hook hits, this is still just intro. Oh man. It's so long. Sorry everybody. But anyway, there are songs all the way through this that are so good. Anyway, I could go through the list of songs, but that's for another day and I was going to do a stuff. The genius. Is this an eighties power ballad or is this a muggy and may song?

Wow. Oh, there it is. They love it. That's it right there. So that's my, that is my take. I love this. This brings back all the fields.

Oh, I was going to say that's a nice little moment. So there's tasty stuff like this all the way through. Anyway, let's just cover that song and staff. Have you all ever heard the Pokemon theme song? Yeah, it is crazy musical. My kids are like way in a boatyard out and it came on the other day and I like leaned my head around.

I was like, play that again. I was like, whoa. There's like all these pseudo key changes. Really cool. All right. So intereStingly enough, I also have them again, Mihai tag. Oh my gosh. Okay. No, but I am going to play something floored me the other day. I was playing at a wedding and just listening through, I was playing guitar and practicing some music and Listening to one of the tracks was the way you make me feel.

But Michael Jackson, his song, we all know, we all love. And I noticed something I'd never noticed before. And I think it bears out in the left side for sure. On like the second verse, I'm going to play it for you. Okay. Listen. And I'm just going to say two words and you see if you agree with.

I've never heard that before.

cousin or a didgeridoo. Yes, it's definitely.

That's amazing in the world. It's good. Who, why, why? That's so cool. That's fine. That's fine. To the day Quincy Jones. You know what, give me a second, Michael, let me make a call. One more thing. We're missing. There's a certain balance that I'm missing the whole band in the room. Like just to watch, like, just to feel the, now here, you wouldn't get that.

Here's what I got to know. I've got to find the album credits and see who's listed as like additional percussion or something. Cause that means, you know what it sounds like to me real talk, it sounds like a keyboard. They put through an envelope. That they're just going to be fun. That's not as fun in my brain forever.

It's always going to be a jaw harp. It would be, you would have, it would be like the biggest hack ever. If you dug deep enough and found in the credits that nobody has ever talked about. Like some guys playing exiled, that's like, he's like I played Joe Hart and they're like, get him out of here. Silent.

Yeah, you signed it.

that's great. That's good. There we go. That's well done. Okay. Now let's talk about the song that we're really here to talk about how many we got into it yet. This, oh gosh, this is one of those all time just makes you feel so good songs, perfect song for the three of us to do together. And it's going to lead to some really fun conversations.

So let's dig in from the 19 93, 3 Musketeers, emotional, emotional, original motion picture soundtrack. This is all for love by Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart and staying.

Oh boy. All right. There's so much to talk about this. Where are we going to start from the 1993. Three Musketeers, original motion picture soundtrack. That is all for love by Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart and Sting written by Bryan Adams, Michael Kamen, and Robert John mutt Lange. Talked recently. Well, not too recently now, I guess about mutt Lange and his production credits.

We've talked about him before with Bryan Adams for the Robin hood prince of thieves soundtrack. All that stuff. We're going to get into a little Michael Kamen today. I know Dave, you've got a, Michael came a deep dive recently, so I know you're on some Michael came and stuff. I can't wait to hear it. This it's almost easier to list where the song didn't go.

Number one, where it did, it was number one in the U S Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, the Europe Euro chart, which I've literally never seen on anything before. Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy Norway, Poland, Sweden, and Switzerland. It was number two in the. No number two in the UK. Number one, I'm going to play you the song.

It's all hype guy, kept this from going number one. It is called things can only get better by, I think it's, I don't know if it's dream it's D colon, R E a M all caps. So I assume it's dream or D regime. Surely not, but do you know this song? Me, neither. I'm thinking of dent.

This is not that right. Things can only get better. This is things can only get better by. You can walk. You can walk my path now

that Bret Michaels. Oh my gosh. You will never go to this called something to believe in. Never gonna know, man. But I know you

just wait for,

I'm going to say this again while we wait for the beat to drop. I kept all for love by Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart, and staying from the top spot in the UK. And that's only, that's only going to get more disappointing as we go on. Oh no, I know it's about to happen.

I knew that was about, I knew that was about to happen.

What in the world you just hear really low in it.

suck it, Brian. So this song was number one in the UK for at least a month solid. I went back and looked at the charts for at least a solid month. Keeping all for love and breathe again by Toni Braxton for reaching number one, it was finally knocked. The top spot by Mariah Carey's without you. Okay. Kenley.


June all offer one. So you offer love was number one in the U S for. Until it was knocked off by the power of love by Celine Dion. So at least those songs are known. At least they belong in the same stratosphere. Sorry, D regime. I don't know. I'm just always shocked at these things. By the way. I certainly think of British people as my cousin, you know, and I assume that my cousins know the same songs that I do, but it's just sometimes not true.

Like there's just one. English. So you would think that they'd even be more behind that song? Yeah, exactly. That's intereSting. And Rod Stewart, both from the UK, Brian from Canada, who's like on the way to England for us. I mean, yeah. They're, you know, they think God save the queen in Canada too. So like, what's the deal, but number two, behind that, it's not like, you know, you imagined the radio, like a person who is working for Atlantic or whoever.

Hey, just checking in tonight. I want to bump it, make sure we're bumping up to number one this week. They like believe it or not. Dream's going to be like, I'm sorry. What's that? You're telling me stain rods and Bryan Adams can't be down. He still works at a video store. Yeah. It's like, we've got Superman, Batman and Aquaman, you know what I mean?

And they're like, no, we got plastic, man. It's cool. We got it. You know, we're good on plastic, man. I don't understand. It's wild. Let's see. I have just a few listening notes. I just want to say, first of all, the drums on this song, which is one of my favorite things ever, right? I mean the, the, the tone, the playing the everything about the drums is perfect.

Even the reverb D every, every single minute. One of my favorite, the before the first chorus from the head and the pain. Yeah. Hey, Bob changed my life. The yeah. And the hay is boy that's. Yeah. Hey, with the snare hit that did it for me. I think that was when I came of age. I think that when I was like, that's, when we came a man that was paying me a man, for sure.

Let's see the way that, the way that.

Starts with all three of them on the top, then to come down to the bottom note Sting, that is that come on. That gets my heart, but it had to be my. Staying didn't even know Rod Stewart was going to be on the song. No. Yeah, it was when they put it together, but it was a duet. He thought it was a duet. He thought it was just him and Brian.

And then they're like, oh yeah, we got this other part and it's gonna be Rod Stewart. And he's like, what? Yeah, they're kind of, you know, the thing about this song to me is I think you would be really hard pressed to find three vote voices. To me that are more. Like I CA it's like the greatest hits of white male singers.

I mean, leaving out maybe like a Michael Bolton or whatever, but, but especially around, it's like a color wheel. Like this is not orange and blue. This is like all of the iterations of like red, you know what I mean? So it's not. So if you had Michael Bolton's too much of a tamper change, these three guys are literally click off of each other.

So it's so funny when they sing together because in the Crayola box, they're all in the same song, the same. I love that the blues it's like magenta red and then . So when they, when they sing together, it fascinates me because I'm like, they really are all iterations of on the, on a theme or variation of thing.

But it's the same thing it's like, but I think that's why it works. And to me, I don't know if there are three more. Sort of iconic voices. It could have been together. No, no. Well, my favorite and I've said this on the pot, so this isn't just for this episode, but my favorite vocal love performance I've ever seen.

We'll just say present company excluded with Dave Barnes at the ramen, but Bryan Adams in Knoxville at the BU it was. It was the, it was him and a piano player and it was the best vocal performance I've ever seen. He's number one, credible. And here's the other fun fact to me, this is one of my favorite things about this song is these three guys are also, and I would add Phil Collins to this group.

They, they are the four horsemen of the ABET. You didn't realize how high the keys are in that. They say those four guys are consistently. Like any dude out there, try to sing along with this song. I think it's an E or it's an E-flat D sharp, I think. Yeah. I don't even, but it's, but it's way the heck up there.

Way the heck up there. And you start singing as a dude and you're like, oh, I mean, it is. In all of their songs, you like that Phil Collins to me is kind of the goat of that. Like you think you're like, oh, cause they all have that really tricky raspy voice, you know, Bryan Adams, again, they're all this way.

Like you hear me like, oh, those guys smoke all the time. It's gotta be baritones. And they are like, tip-top tenors. All of them. And so it's crazy listening to it. You try singing along as a dude and you're like, yeah. I mean, if this is, if this is an E flat, I think it's in D I don't quite think it's right there.

Oh, it is. Indeed. It is played along for a second. I'm pretty sure. So that means that top note, the first note of the course is a, B is a big way and they're all hitting it all. Three of them. No problem. No big deal. That was just kind of a youngster. If you want to think about it at the time, he's like the kid in this group in 93, I would say to me, in my opinion, He's I think, oh boy, this could start fights.

I want to be careful here, but I think he is the best singer of them. Sure. Like when I think of ability to sing, not tone, but just singing ability. He, to me, like, if you listen to that live unplugged album, love that album. He doesn't, he doesn't miss a landing. I mean, it's incredible. And you're also hearing you say that about him at the beach.

You makes a lot of sense to me cause he's perfection because you know, staying is great, but he's not, you're not listening to Sting for his vocal performances. You listen for his, how he sings, what he's singing, but, but you know, he's not, in fact, one of my notes is one of the, one of the parts it's always me.

Would you go to three? I know exactly what. It's the one weak link in this song week. It is always been the weakest link of the songs. These start at like three minutes. Just give you that. Love that you thought this dude up. It is always made me think. Why didn't they let him do another take of this? So start like three minutes.

And if you listen at three 11,

Well, that's Brad. I love that you were thinking there's two routes that makes me so happy.

there's now these things in our hands right here.

it is always, since I was a teenager and heard this song, I was always, before I knew anything about music. I just feel like maybe he wanted another go with that.

It sounds like he's scared of it. Doesn't it? I mean, it's like it's and it's weirdly kind of low in the mix. It just sounds like. I a hundred percent. I love you. You caught that. That is the only, you said it. Perfect. I couldn't say it better. It's always the part of the song. It's the weakest, like that song is a monster hit.

It's one of my favorite songs of all time in that moment. I'm always like, oh yeah. It's like in the you know, in the. There's the dragon that's terrorizing the city and the one place they can get it. There's a one open spot in the neck where there's a scale. It's like, dang something. It's the one like scale that's displaced that you could shoot an arrow into.

I love the Fitbit. Do you think he thinks I nailed that? I don't know. I mean, that's, that's, that's. I mean, they've got mud laying behind the board who is, who is known, if anything is known about him, it's about his perfectionism. That is the number one thing on his rap sheet. So it's like, I wonder if it's a thing where like some tape got erased, you know, and they're like, oh, we got it.

We miss a part of the bridge, but we're out of time, like out of time out of work and he's like, I've got to leave it. And they're like, it's three 12, and we need to do one more. Yeah, that's the weirdest. I've always wondered. Why did they, why? I don't understand. I gotta think on the band you're talking about

it's time to meet, man. Hey mama.

We're going to talk about who all played and sang on this Bryan Adams, lead vocals for all things. Brian, go to season three, episode two, we discussed everything. I do. I do it for you. So there you go. That's all you need. And you can go back and listen to all that Rod Stewart lead vocals as well. For all things, rod go to season four, episode seven, we discussed forever young.

So there you go. Put a Sting, lead vocals and bass for all things. Staying at standby. We got some more stint in season two, episode five, we discussed 10 Sumner's tails with. I just paused here. 10 senators tails came out in 93, right before this, and then I'm wearing the mercury falling album. That was the next thing that came out by staying.

So it goes 10 Sumner's tales, this mercury fall. Yes. Which is good. Going back to that vocal thing. One second. What I wrote in my notes is why does that not sound like it was hard for staying, he was at the height of his hours, right? It didn't help your sales. Arguably the biggest Sting. I mean, it's in the content.

It's in the. He's he could, he could, he was Bulletproof, you know? Good. He's one of those. So I'm going to say it's really quickly. I realized this about him this week singers. How do I say this and be careful? I think one of the things is always hard for me as a listener and as a singer is when I see singers aging, which is going to happen it's human life, but it's always grieve it.

Like you go to see somebody I'm not going to say a name, but one of my favorite artists, I went to go see. Five years ago. And it was the first time I'd seen him sing and I thought, I can't do this anymore. Like, it's going to ruin how it, and he's still a great singer, but it was just like, not the same.

Yeah. You have to say somebody that you've seen and you've been like, and so I stink to me. He's not that Stings a few years ago. And he was fantastic. Cause he's not that kind of singer, you know, it's like what we were saying, what I was saying a minute ago. Like he's, he's not going for vibrato and sticking notes.

He's, he's a vibe when he sings, you know? So he's one of those kind of, to me. Yeah. IntereSting. See how he ages, but so far, it's like, he's still, I mean, his new album, I was listening to him. Like, I mean, you sound just as good. Yeah. Like there's and this is when he should be. Does that age where you start to see him?

Yes. That's good. Well said I'm on guitar. Dominic Miller Stings, longtime guitarist wrote shape of my heart. Fricking love that song did stuff with Phil Collins, pretenders Paul Young, his son. Now plays guitar alongside him at staying show, which I think is great. You got father son on that plays a Strat on this and does the rhythm parts.

So Dominic's playing a Strat here on lead guitar. Keith Scott that's broad Adam's longtime guitarist plays the solo, the bins. Oh, let's listen to that here in a minute. Yeah, he's playing a Gretsch. Keith Scott Nashville, gold cup gold top signature. It's perfect. Go. What? No gold. Signature. I had a hard time with another, do not Google this affects get this affects on this.

Just boss pedals and an ominous tube screamer. No, the solo it's like, come on, boss, pedals, tube screamer. Like that's amazing. Everybody has that like garage band, half the guitar players in Nashville. Just shed a tear right now and they don't know why they're like that. There's so much not transparency in that federal board.

Well said, can we get that solo? Can I put the same way you're doing that? Let me tell you one more thing. He's not in the video. And I was like, why don't they show the guitar solo in the video? It's all these cutaways of rod and Brian and staying. They're all smiling and all this stuff. And that's because Keith isn't in the video.

And Ron Adams said he's the most underrated guitar player ever. So that's his guitar player. His dad played a little, the solo here, and then he wasn't with him. When you saw him, it was just piano. It was just him and a piano player and it was perfection. All right. Here's the. Good to hear the note again, leads right into it.

Now, well it's D D three. There we go. And that kind of snare sound better than that. Oh my gosh. Absolutely not. Well, I had him later, but since you talked about them, we'll jump on down Mickey Curry on drums. He's also Bryan Adams drummer. I mean his first three projects that he ever played on were Bryan Adams first.

This is Bryan Adams. First project. You want it? You got it. It's kind of a weak album, but from there it's cuts like a knife and reckless, I mean, for that to be albums two and three of your career, I don't know, Mickey. I don't know. Can you say sounds Canadian? I don't know. I don't know, but he's on drums on a piano stuff with Robert Palmer, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson brown guy named bill Payne.

He's on the pretender album, but not the hit. He didn't play on the pretender. The out of order album with Rod Stewart, which has forever young, but he doesn't play for every young. So he plays all the non hits on huge albums. So I don't know what that means, but that's, that's that guy on keyboards, mainly composer, ed shimmer.

Hundreds of movies of most of which I haven't watched because they were younger things thing for a little, a little edgier species, too, cruel intentions, cement, garden, whatever. But anyway, any movie that has a garden in the title, so I haven't seen any of those, but. Apparently pretty big in the, in that scene.

So that's the band that's pretty big. Wow. Pretty big crew there guys. And then Michael came in on the string arrangements and all that. And I didn't talk on him cause I know Dave's the Michael Kamen guy. He is. One of the things I like about him, I don't have like all the, the deep, deep facts about him.

But one of the things I do like about him to your point is he was really in a ranger. Like he was really a string guy, but just on the side as a little side hustle or a couple of tunes, you might have heard of a all for love, which obviously we're talking about everything I do. I do. It's probably me.

And when you love someone, but which may be my favorite Bryan Adams song, that's a good way. But I mean, that's a pretty, yeah. Oh, I write some songs I've heard of any of them. There's probably two of them that are the most. Yeah. You know, and I think did he also, right. Have you ever really lived a woman, which is Great Song?

That might be my favorite brother. I will. I will. I will. I will add that to my cup, to Brian. Like soundtrack run day let's I mean, he's untouchable. Wow. Robin it's like, you've got three skaters, Jennifer Warnes and Bryan Adams. You know what I mean? But you can, you know, the thing that I think is really intereSting, if you think about the songs he's written is like the plumb line to me is that they.

Have a musicality about them. That fear feels very thematic or like big cinematic. That's what I'm trying to say. And so I think it's, it's, it's cool when you find those things, you're like, yeah, I could see that he wrote those songs because they all have some sense of like they move and they get bigger.

And then, I mean, that's solo at the moment is just massive. You know, you can see that. So it's fun to sort of realize that it, it makes me wonder if he was like a ringing. You know, like for these guys on this kind of song, I was like, you know what, man, we should bring him, man. Cause he's really good at making stuff feel.

Yeah. They're like an elf. They're like, let's get miles Finch. Let's see Michael Kamen. Yeah, literally. Yeah. Cause those are those guys too in writing sessions that are fun because they'll hear what you're doing. And they'll go, let me sit down for a second at piano. And they re harmonize something and go, what if we move like that move that gone, gone.

You know, those moments, you just have to think that's him. Because another thing I wrote about this as fascinating is. How it sort of sits on the four for a long time, but it fools you because it does that walk up and then he goes back to the four. So it's a funny way that either they went, we don't know how to get out of this.

Cause we land, we end in, begin on it. We end the verse with it and begin of course on it. And he was like, it takes a drag. I was like, you got came in here. You guys take a lunch break. That's awesome. But there's some, one of the things that's, one of the things I've also loved about this song is it has little musical moments that are really intereSting because I can't, as a song writer, I can't help, but think, and they were trying to work themselves out of some jams.

You know what I mean? Get stuck and yeah. Or just like, how can we make that work? And it's like, oh, this is how we make it work. And we'll walk up and come right back to it. You know, how. Could it have been when they were like, okay, so they're like, Kamen's like take a break. Right? I got this, come back in 15 minutes.

I'll have your, I'll have your segue to the chorus. Right. And they're thinking, dude, it's about to be like and he goes, I got it. 1, 2, 3. And we're back at the fork. So walked up to it from the, yeah. Look at movie. What's that Tim Robbins movie, the Hudsucker proxy. I haven't seen it where he in, he invents the Hulu, but he just keeps showing people a picture of a circle.

He goes, he just holds it up to me. He goes, you know, for kids. That's great. That's awesome. All of that. Just like, yeah, you just establishing the key. What are, you know and he's like,

they're still sitting on their Cokes, like okay. Maybe in context. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let's see. Here's one thing I've really, really, always loved about this. The way that the base drives in the last half of the second chorus. So it's it's legato. Boom, boom. Right. It's all that. And through the first bone, of course, boom, boom, boom.

And then when they hit the, when this, someone, that second course he starts driving

you know, the drummer turned to him during that time. It was like, yeah, they're looking through the window. Like the guy, who's the guy on, on like Tik TOK and Instagram reels. Oh, help me out. That does the, like, this is the law and order band in the studio and each other and realize how dope something is.

Yeah. You know, he turned he's like, he looked under his sunglasses and blankets, you know, another, so here's another funny musical moment to me was I love the guitar. Look at the top. What an iconic, those little Jimmy Jimmy Hendrix bubble. No Gwen Dalian. But the thing that makes me laugh the hardest here's here's my last contribution go to like, let's say four 15.

And there is a keyboard that sticks out of nowhere at 4 22. And it may be my new favorite thing in the song. Do you don't tell them, I know it's in my notes. This is the Sting, the instrument equivalent of the Sting thing.

only three-part harmony in the song right there.

There we go.

I just thought that's that's ed Schirmer, getting his chairman was like, oh wow, they're going to know I'm here. They will know I'm here, but it's beautiful. It's so we're on a G minor chord there, right? Okay. So minutes, two minor E minor. Oh, that's a classic rod Adams move to go for minor, minor. And then that is like a B flat chord.

G minor. So it really it's spelled the same, but the voicing of it makes it sound like something that kinda sticks out a little bit, you know, it's like, it gives it like an augmented kind of feel, oh, I love it. It melts my heart. I had to sit down and figure out what that was, because it sounds more complicated than it really is, but it's really just a B-flat core.

It's like, I just envisioned the studio and he's got his eyes closed and he thinks everybody's going to hit it, you know? And he's like, did we decide? I find everybody's just looking at him. And he's like, and then again, looking at mutt and he's like guys, and the guy's like I'm fired and he's like, That was one of the coolest parts of any songs I've ever done.

Oh yeah, no, totally. Yeah. I've mentioned it all by myself. Everything Michael did with the 1, 2, 3 elevated. Alright. I got a stump. The genius. Again for you guys, let's do a quick one. Let's do a quick one. The genius genius, genius, genius. All right, we're going to play a stump. The genius named these three vocalists.

You don't have to name all three. It's a focal group that are theirs. This is three vocalists on a song. So y'all know who these are. I'm feeling pretty confident on this. I know you're going to be number one out the gate trios. Here we go. Trios. We got, I'm going to blow somebody. Really? Yeah. Let's keep that in loop.

If you don't mind, if that could be my ringtone, daddy's gonna get this one out. The gate closes easy. I feel like, yeah. Mr. Barnes. It's oh yeah. Oh course. Okay. I got you. Yes. From bridesmaids thinking, was this on bridesmaids? Understand? We gotta do the song. You know what? I can't think of them because I can think of Phillips Craig and Dean.

Oh, that's so funny. My brain is trying to grab the name of this band and it's going to hate to say this. I'm like, that's not it. It's it's Wilson, Carney and Wendy Wilson and China. Brian Wilson. Okay, good job. One for one guys. This one may take a little bit, you know what this is because I blew it on on you.

Miss it. Colony can help them out there. This is Peter Paul and Mary Peter, Paul and Mary. The magic dragon. Okay. Good job. Oh, there it is. That's how you know it. And we're prepping. Here we go. And with this one. Oh my gosh. The Weegee's the wages now. That is actually the BGS. There's that vibrato. Wow. Magic brought up.

It's insane. It's getting wider. Boom, Barry, Robin, and Marise ladies and gentlemen, like how did they get paid for a couple of choices here? I'm going to try this. This one, we're going to play it and see if we get it. Oh yeah. Crosby stills, Nash, Crosby, stills, and Nash. Good job. Good job. Hello to the party.

We'll go with this one. This one's going to be a little tougher, the song, but you know the other two. Oh no, I don't. No, not shoot. That's embarrassing, but I don't. Are they, are they. What, what, yeah. Who are they? Is there on the chorus at the other vocals? Actually, Stevie doesn't come in until the third part.

Who are these people? This is Jim he'll strap and Lanny groves. They never actually sang together again. So that's Jim Gill strap on the first. Was he just like a V like a Motown BGB guy. He don't know what he did this Lenny groves. I should know more about him. So Stevie doesn't come in for a while.

He's just hanging out, playing courts of their love and love. Well, he's playing great chords and technically there's an additional backing vocalist, a girl named Gloria barley. But that ruins the game. If I tell you that. Right, right. Anyway there, Stevie. God, that sounds good in your hears. That sounds good.

Here's a bonus one for you guys. Come on. Yeah. I would argue top 10 pop baselines of all time. That's in mind for sure. Y'all know the do you know the group first TLC? Do you know the three members of TLC? Can you get them more? Yes. T boss left eye chili, but in there, there you go, guys. I'm with some geniuses today.

Awesome. Well done guys unstoppable, ran the gamut on that. Okay. I have a question. Dave, this is specifically aimed at you. If you went in to the studio to record your own version of all. Two part question, which vocalists are you? I was going to say, am I playing? Or am I singing? Well, what they sing? Huh?

Yeah. Like, which can be taken, but who, okay. So who's which personality are you? Which lines are you taking and who are the other two vocals? I think I got to do the Sting, which is this like that he does the repeats.

I like that. I can't do that. That I don't know if I could do the high when every course does that. And then that gets copied. There's a Bryan Adams library. On, he is like greatest hits and he does it down. He goes, we ain't got it in a hands. Like, I'm like, he's the best vocalist because he's smart. Yeah. I tell you.

What's awesome about it though. It's live from Wembley stadium and when he hits the chorus, he doesn't sing, holds the mic out. Boom. All of when we say to him. Oh, it's amazing. That's great. Yeah. Yeah, I need to hear that iconic moment. Okay. So that's a great question for Davika silo. Who's your other duo accompanying you?

Okay. A lot of pressure and we don't have to air this part if we know. Okay. The trick here is I'm thinking of people, but I'm trying to actually stay, I'm trying to actually stay in the same vocal Tambor as me. And so I would say this is going to be, oh, I like this already. So I'm just going to go for.

MI Paul Carrick. Gosh. Oh, you know this is all I can think of and I can't sing as well as either one of those, but for Vance. Oh, wow. For just the, who would be the other one I'm not thinking of who would be that, should we guess his, who would be like the kind of Husky white dude voice? Rick Astley,

dude, it's a hit now.

I can't even, he's going to lean into that staying line. Like you don't even know. He would just try and sneak in. Like we it's love you. Give

rector covers that now every time. So God that I'm going to have to actually think of us Texas the third, and we'll drop it in later. Okay. I feel really good about the first two though. Yeah. Solid me. And you and Paul, your current PC? Yeah. Okay. Let's see. My other question on the S is. How many hooks do you think they tried before they landed on all for one and all for love?

Well, you think that was like first out the gate or they were like, well, we know it's going to be for the three Musketeers, but here's my take it's I prefer the Ernest goes to camp may for you and you for me. Oh, wow. Over to our Twitter episode for me.

Oh, gosh, when they were like, but you know, you know, when somebody said it out loud, they were like, shut it down. That's it. We're not no, no steam or no, no, Brian, that's it. We're done now. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Stop thinking about it. Yeah. I didn't know that that was such a universal. I mean, I knew, I knew that I was totally ready for you to tell me it was like number 10 and most times it wasn't because it was a soundtrack song.

Massive, just massive for a movie that did nothing. Do you think Kiefer Sutherland sings it when he's walking around? Yeah. I'll tell you exactly when I think he sings it, but we're a family friendly podcast. Okay. You know, you know, because that moot well, to your point, the movie, wasn't, it wasn't as ubiquitous as the song was.

So in that song to me, he's the only one I remember from the. And I had a great cast, dude. It's Kiefer Sutherland, Charlie sheen. Okay. Curry. All of the wow. And Chris Donaldson cook crystal Donald, cause he's right in the front. And I forget who the lady was in it. Rebecca do morning, I think. Oh my goodness.

It, but I think the re it's it's gotta be on the chart for songs that were that big, that aren't really. Like, I just don't hear that song for it too. I think that's why I always think of that song. And I'm like, oh, that was just a song that should have been a hit. That never was, but it's weird. Cause like you think I would imagine any song that had that much of a worldwide would be, you'd hear once a week on the radio.

I should now I'm like you, I get excited if I hear I'm like, man, I hadn't heard that. Heard that song for, so what I'm saying, I'm so glad that it's on right now. That's true. That's good. Yeah. Yeah. It's like, it's almost like it was, it was too good for us to be able to hold on to forever. Well, since I will say this, I think if it has a problem, it's almost too.

On the nose of a soundtrack song, like all for it's a little too sincere. True. Just a regular song. Yeah. It's a little too, like all for love one, you know, it's a little, I think if it wasn't that maybe, but I do, I can see how people are like, no, it was a hit. We let it run. It's run. But like, man, we came go back there again.

It's too. Okay. There's one song that gives me the same thing that this, that this song does. Okay. Now, if this song gives this to me at a 10 from McGee and me soundtrack, absolutely. Yes, this, this song gives it to me at a nine and a half. Okay. If, if all for love is a 10 or nine point, whatever it is, this song does to me, this song gives it to me in a nine and a half.

Are we going to know it? Yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Journey. When you love a woman, there's a guitar solo at the end, this song, isn't he flat, melodic guitar, solo, big cinematic feel, you know what I mean? Incredible center sounding. Yeah. And my mom D period with hair done to his knees from the trial by fire out the song that this was the album that when Perry came back, came back and did this sounds wonderful.

I mean, let's hit this, you know, my journey.

That's a great comparison. That's great. It kind of gives me that same. Yeah. Is this still kind of journey as we know them, like Steve Smith, every it's still the man, Jonathan Kane's I'm Jonathan Kane. And is we're back on base on this

play the solo at the end. Yeah, dude, I used to play this solo over. Play over and over and over

so does this nice little like tasty thing, and then they play the string arrangement. That's your Michael came in type moment, right? I looked it up just in case like you have the same production team or whatever. It's not that you get this, this.


coming in hot.

And I feel like that actually probably gets more airplay than all for love. I still hear that one. Yeah. Occasionally on the radio. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I feel like I want to land one plane that I didn't get to land earlier. The other song that Walter non CF, that you would know, I was sitting here looking at this, like he's got some of the songs.

I think he's. I don't. I mean, somebody listening this that knows more is gonna know he's written some yet, but I'm looking at as like a PDF page and I'm not seeing it, but do you know the other one? So it's all over for Christmas as you and grandma got of. Let me tell you what it did before I tell you what it is.

Was number one. Oh, I guess this is not probably as hard as I think it is. Hold on. Wait for it. Okay, here we go. Held the record for the longest run at number one on the billboard hot 116 weeks for 23 years, it held that it held that distinction until it was actually broken by death mosquito.

And then later we die. No, but old town road in 19, 2019. So that's the other song again? It has to be post. Yeah. 23 weeks, no, this will help. For 23 years. 23 was the longest record. It was 16 weeks at number one, it number one 16 weeks. And number one I think 96. What in the world? So it's gotta be Celine Dion.

Is it Titanic? No. Than that. It's a duet to do at night. It's actually a technique. It'd be a when Tet. Is it boys to men? Ah, it's so hard to say goodbye. Now. What the duet? Oh, with Barack Harry

Wow. What have you written that? I would know. Let me think. There was the one with the note. And do you know Shawn Stockman sang on one of my songs? It's a nice boy. It's such a great.

Oh, my gosh. Okay, gentlemen, this has been a blast, as I knew it would. I was so excited to do this episode with y'all Dave, thank you. As always for hanging out people listening, make sure you are subscribed right now to Dave's five hot takes and to Danville, make sure you're streaming Dave's Christmas album, even though at this point it's whatever time of the year, this is releasing.

And I don't even know it's not.

And all the things like comedy stuff go back and listen to the cop laughing right now. Thank you as always for being with us. This was, this was amazing. So we will be back as season nine, continues to roll along on the Great Song podcast next week with another Great Song until then I'm Rob J.P. go listen to some music.