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Good songs

But could you please add Conan grey too Thanks for reading

The most fun, educational podcast about music!

I cannot wait each week for Wednesday’s new episode, going deep into a new song. I love so many things about this podcast- I love hearing the music theory that I definitely hadn’t thought about when listening to music, and I love that the hosts totally gush about their guest to their guest(featured musician). How fun their job must be, to get to research great music for a living, and talk to musicians! What a great find; so glad to get to spend an hour of my work day listening to music I love, and also to learn from Rob and JP!

Great podcast, with a few requests

This is a great podcast, especially if you have a road trip planned. I’ve enjoyed hearing how each song is uniquely constructed, from the music itself to the history behind the songs. The interviews with the artists who made the tunes are so involved and well executed, too! My only requests would be to consider two of my favorite artists for a future episode. They have never (as of yet) been featured: Third Day (may I suggest “Call My Name”?) and Switchfoot. Also Burlap to Cashmere. Anything from their 2011 release.

Simply great

If you are a fan of music and love when people go in depth about it, this is your show. The hosts are funny, fans and, genuinely nice dudes. The guests are great and they tackle the tunes we love, here’s to hoping for many more years of this great podcast for song nerds like myself. Keep up the excellent work, fellas. Cheers guys!

Incredible passion for music!

I just stumbled on this pod started binging and can’t stop. Not only are the hosts incredibly entertaining and funny but also very passionate and informative. I’ve learned something new about each song/band they discuss. This is the perfect podcast for music fans of all genres and I can’t wait to hear what they review next. Keep up the great work!!!!!

A Fantastic Listen For Music Fans

If you enjoy in-depth conversations surrounding the amazing music that defines the soundtracks to our lives, then look no further! Great discussion with an eclectic mix of songs & guests. I’ve even found myself re-evaluating my own opinion of a song after hearing the accompanying episode. Keep up the great work! 👊




so bummed this wk after hearing the news about eddie. maybe because of the realization that a part of my childhood aint never coming back... thanks for the retrospective.

Love it!!

Super amazing podcast with the best host!! Highly highly recommended!!

Excellent show

Love this show. Always keeps me interested and always look forward to new episodes. Can’t recommend it enough. -Tabby from Your New Best Friends Podcast

Such a great show!

This podcast is a lot of fun! I am not a musician, but I love good music. These guys do their homework and bring a lot of knowledge and humorous insight to each episode. Their enthusiasm is contagious, and I appreciate their varied selections across all styles of music. Plus, the sound quality is very good!

If you love music but always wanted to know...

Perfect blend of insight and comedy. One of the best music podcasts out there!

Great Songs, Great Dudes

This is a dream podcast for music lovers! The saddest thing about the way music is distributed these days is that you can no longer read the album credits on the songs, but these guys are like a live album credit for your favorite songs!

Great Podcast

These guys are: A) funny B) knowledgeable The podcast is worth a listen.

The Michael W Smith of podcasts.

If you like the sound that music makes in your ear holes when you’re bumping to your local favorite music station, you will love this podcast. These guys talk about the universe’s best songs in great detail and are %100 correct on everything they say, ever.

1.21 gigawatts of podcast power

My new favorite podcast. I love these guys. This is a show for music nerds, musicians and curators of pop culture. I have so many ideas for eps (Need a place to submit show feedback other than Twitter.) Keep up the good work. It’s so entertaining. -axel F

It’s time for another great podcast!

These guys bring so many interesting tidbits about some of the world’s most quintessential songs. And on top of that, they talk about the music theory behind it all. They really know their stuff! And while they don’t always agree, they have great playful banter that will have you laughing. If you are a lover of music, get on board with Rob and JP, they won’t disappoint!

Music Nerdism at its Finest!

If you like Serial and Jersey Mike’s, then you’ll love this Podcast! Rob, a student of Ada Dyer, and JP, ardent Anti-Swiftist, have put together what is sure to be the greatest Podcast launched in Southeast Tennessee in late October 2017!

Fun Podcast

Rob’s knowledge of musical theory adds another level to the enjoyment of this podcast. Very knowledgeable guy with interesting insights into the intricacies of the songs. I really enjoyed the album breakdown of Ten Summoner’s Tales and love the taste in music these guys have. There seems to be a lot of Bruce Hornsby love on this podcast so I’m hoping for an album breakdown of Hot House! If you guys don’t own that one, buy it! Do an episode on it!!

Good times for your ears and hearts!

Rob and JP just have this way of explaining a song that you love in such a way that makes you love it all over again. If you have ears and decent hearing be a blessing to your ear canals by subscribing to this podcast. The Great Song Podcast is fun for all!


This is why podcasts were created. If you love music you'll love this podcast!

Better than The Cheesecake Factory

If given the opportunity to eat cheesecake or listen to these guys... order the cheesecake to go and listen to them on the way to pick it up. This is called a win win. This podcast is fun, lighthearted, and you should listen.

Easy listening

I enjoyed listening to this podcast, I listened as I drove today and before I knew it they were saying goodbye. Love hearing details of popular songs. Looking forward to the next episode


Classic Rob!! Nobody else; except JP, would ever take such joy out of completely breaking down every aspect of a song. Great podcast!! Can't wait to see which Weird Al songs make the list!!

Great listen!

Full of interesting facts and super entertaining! Will definitely continue tuning in!

So good!

There are many music podcasts but this is the first one I’ve heard to take the time to focus on not just the song but also pretty much everything about the song you never knew you needed to know.