Aug. 24, 2022

Opposites Attract (Paula Abdul ft MC Skat Kat) w OneGunn

Opposites Attract (Paula Abdul ft MC Skat Kat) w OneGunn

Just who is MC Skat Kat, and what's he hiding? Well it's a complicated answer, but part of it involves a lot of awesome Prince stories, a lesson in helpful premature confidence, and some rotoscoping animation.

Paula Abdul's debut album "Forever Your Girl" remains one of the landmark debut albums, and we're digging into the smash hit duet "Opposites Attract" this week with the singing voice of MC Skat Kat, OneGunn. Enjoy!


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Produced by Andrea Konarzewski, Brad Callahan, Ari Marucci, Michael Conley, Peter Mark Campbell, David Steinberg, Randy Hodge, Chaz Bacus, Juan Lopez, Jason Arrowood, Howard Passey, Micah Murphy, and Tim Jahr.

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Turn up the radio and sing along. It's time for another great song. This is the Great Song Podcast. Season's greetings and welcome once again to the Great Song Podcast. I'm Rob Alley, I'm Jamie Moser, and we're here to celebrate the greatest songs in modern music history. We're gonna tell you what makes 'em great, why we think they're awesome.

NYU should too. J.P. how you doing today? Ma'am man. I am doing fantastic. We are not letting off the gas in this 1980s powerhouse. No. In fact, if you were driving your 1989 fastest car of 1989, the Pontiac TransAm chances are you were suddenly blaring this song. So if you drove a TransAm, you were cool and you didn't wanna maybe know of the world that you listened to this bombshell of a song with a cool animated cat, Rob, I don't have a clue how I'm gonna transition out of this.

So let's skid into this track and tell him what song we're talking about today. This powerhouse of a song. This is opposites of track by Paula Abdul, featuring the wild pair and MC Skat Kat.

On the rap, like it, here's a little story show to like it and a plane and cool with my homegirl. Since we never ever breathe you the movies and TV

slow. And,

but when we get together, it just

subtract. Scary. Just we go together.

We, yeah. Oh man. Yes. That's opposites attract bipolar Abdul featuring the wild pair and MC Skat Kat. We're gonna, we're going subdivide all that stuff here in just a minute, but that MC S. Fact it's see MC Skat Kat fact, pardon is important. It is very important because Rob tell him who we're talking with afterwards.

So MCs Scott cat is actually can be divided into three real people. and we're gonna talk to one of them. We're gonna talk to Marv gun, AKA OneGunn, AKA, half of the wild pair, AKA one third of MC Skat Kat. Oh, there we go. I love that so much. We're gonna make all that make sense here in just a little bit.

Opposites attract from the 1988 album forever. Your girl written by Oliver Lieber, who I'm gonna break tradition today and start with. Okay. Normally I get into like chart information, chart theory, all that stuff. We'll get into all that later. But I wanna start with Oliver Lieber the writer of this song, because it's so important to the story of this song and to the story of Paula Abdul's career.

It's crazy. First of all, Oliver Lier produced forever. Your girl that's the album that this was on. He also wrote the title track forever. Your girl, and wrote it's just the way that you love me. So three of Paula's massive hits. He also has production credits on stuff by rod Stewart, foreigner, the cores, Gary Wright, the knack and Brosia and film credits on stuff like mission impossible, two lady in the water and others.

So I'm gonna call this part a story about how gassing up and supporting your friends can have massively awesome consequences. Okay. All right. So Oliver Leiber found himself in the Minneapolis music scene in the eighties and buddied up with prince protege St. Paul AKA, Paul Peterson, Oliver had given St.

Paul a cassette demo of it's just the way that you love me on which St Paul had played and St. Paul had it on him when he flew to LA to record the video for his debut, single rich man. Okay. We follow it. While on set, he gets to talking to the choreographer. Are you catching on? She was saying she wanted to make a record and she'd gotten signed by Virgin records and she loved Minneapolis funk.

Well, He plays her this demo that he played on, she loves the song. She plays it for Virgin and Virgin calls. Oliver Lieber. Are you a producer? Let me tell you, I don't care how much you doubt yourself. If a record company calls you and says a new artist, love your song. And are you a producer? The answer is yes.

You say with your whole chest. Yes, absolutely. I am a producer and that's what Oliver Lieber did, even though at that point, his only production credits included the demo of that song. That's awesome. That St. Paul gave Paula he did the old bud light thing. Are you Mr? You're Koki yes, yes I, yes, I AM's right.

I'm Mr. Galley, ER, coach K mean Dr. Galit. That's right? Yes I am. Yes, I. So Paula and Paula and an a and R rep from Virgin flew to Minnesota to meet Oliver and he borrowed a studio to look more legit. Oh, I love that. And the rest is history. The other tidbit is that Oliver Scott Hunley. I need your help right now.

Exactly. Yeah, exactly. The other tidbit is that Oliver had actually turned down a chance for Chaka K to cut. It's just the way that you love me, because he had received the following piece of advice, that it was better to get a hit with an unknown artist because people are more likely to check out the production and go, oh, who did this?

You know what I mean? Okay. And the writing credits and stuff like that, versus somebody who's already had a bunch of hits and whatever it just becomes. Oh, that's the next Chaka con song, right? Yeah. That's good. , but if it's something new, people are more likely to be like, I need to check this out. So he turned down Shakka con hoping that he could get a new artist hooked with this song and it all worked.

Another really cool side note for Oliver Lieber. His dad was half of a truly legendary writing team. Do you know this? Go ahead and tell me, okay. His, his dad was Jerry Lieber and Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller partnered together as songwriters for over 60 years, beginning in 1950 and wrote literally some of the biggest hits in pop music history.

Okay. Let's name a few stand by me. Benny king. Okay. On Broadway YY, Y Charlie brown long came Jones, all the hits for the coasters. Kansas city, the Wilbur Harrison tune that became a hit as basically two different songs, both for him and for little Richard and oh yeah, the Beatles. Goodness gracious.

Here's one, a couple little ditties that got cut by a kid named Elvis hound, dog jailhouse rock Santa Clauss back in town and trouble. T R O U B L E. That is great. The list goes on and on and on love pot. Number nine, I keep forgetting stuck in the middle with you. These guys wrote what heck absolute legendary duo.

And so Oliver Lieber is the son okay. Of Jerry Lieber, half of Lieber and Stoller, like, so he's like, dad, where can I like yeah. Find me a place. Yeah, that's awesome. That's great. You should check out their website just to see, they literally have a website together as a, as a writing do think it's

And they have their whole like story, the, the Alley Moser maybe and it's time, maybe. So. That's awesome. Yeah. And so that is sort of the. foundation of the album forever. Your girl that launched Paula Abdul's career. Right. That interesting story of how one guy who played on this demo, like gased up his friend when he met Paula Abdul and she was like, I like Minneapolis funk.

And he's like, oh, tell me what you think about this. Right. Gave him, gave her the demo. You know what I mean? So it's like, and I'm yeah, there's a little what's in it for me too, probably, but it was really just to benefit his friend, you know? Yeah. That's good. Anyway, that's awesome. That's great. That's fantastic.

I hope that happens for every single one of y'all listening. That's good. Alright, now let's dig into the song a little bit. Okay. Yeah. Do it. It went to number one. We're talking about opposites attract and went to number one on the billboard hot 100 number three on the hot R and B slash hip hop songs.

That's two. Really different charts that doesn't happen often where you have a song that's top of the charts in hip hop. And top of the hot 100 happens more often now than it used to, but in 88, that was unheard of. Yeah. Number seven on the us dance singles charts, number 24 on the us dance club songs.

Number 45 on the us AC chart is huge. It went to number two in the UK. Vogue by Madonna was number one. And it went to number one in Australia, Canada, retail, Canada, top singles, Canada, contemporary hit radio and Canada dance, urban and top five, a bunch of other places. And here's the first time I recall seeing this.

Opposites attract went to number 14 on the 1990 billboard hot 100 chart and number 40 on the 1990 hot R and B hip hop chart that's for the entire year. So for the whole year of 1990, it was number 14 on the hot 100 and number 40 on the, on the R and B hiphop chart. First time I've I think I've seen a song land on more than one year end chart like that, which can only mean one thing by the way, this song is number 3 51 on the billboard all times 600.

That's good, right above Viva Lavita okay. And right below drop it, like it's hot by. Okay. Alright. That's good company to be around. I'm happy with that. That's fine. That's fine. The single, just the single is certified gold in the us and Canada, silver in the UK and platinum in Australia. Just the single.

Wow. Okay. That means it sold more than 500,000 copies in the us. I can't remember what, what What gold is in Canada. But anyway, it's less it's. Yeah, it's, it's lower in a lot of other countries than it is in the us, but anyway, huge numbers just on, just on sales of the single alone. Yeah. And the mix of the single, which is what I played us is significantly different than the album mix.

And Oliver Lieber explained what happened. He said, I'm gonna quote him. This is a long quote, but it's. He said, quote, I second, guess that track so much. And when I came to LA, I got together with a keyboard player, Jeff Lober. I had him replace my baseline, my CLAT part, and my drum programming. So I had Lober replace what I had done because I had just totally lost confidence on it.

So if you listen to the album version of opposites attract, that's what Jeff Leber's replacement parts on some of what I did. So let's let play you a little bit of that is the album version.

And obviously we have no rap here. Yeah. Okay. We'll get, we'll get into that. But. It's a different mix. It doesn't feel wildly different, but it's, it doesn't hit quite as hard. Right. The other one's a little thicker. Yeah. And so he said, if you listen to the album version that's with Jeff. So a year or so down the line, when it's coming to be a single, they call me up and asked me if I would do a remix for a single well, now that Paula was a huge star, I wasn't worried about all the things that I was worried about before this album came out.

I kind of heard it with different ears. And when I put up the original tracks that I'd done, I went, that's pretty good. It was funkier and heavier and more open than one than what I ended up doing with Jeff. I love Jeff and I basically forced him to play a bunch of parts that were in the style of a record he played on before.

I was like, I love what you did on this record. Do this on opposites. It wasn't his fault. But when I put up the original tracks, I went, there's my remix. And it was what I had originally done. So the single version that was a hip, that's my original track. It wasn't broken. I had just lost confidence. and he's the first time producer.

Awesome. And, and he's trying to bring along this artist, it's Virgin records. It's a, it's a big deal. And so he just kind of got in his head about it and, and, you know, ends up using his original tracks as the remix. You don't hear about that much where people go backwards and take, so, you know, go back to originals that I can't say I've ever heard that.

Yeah, no, it's my you do hear a lot of stuff. Like we talked about with the Verve Pipe, where they recorded the same song, a bunch of different times to try and find the right until they found the right mm-hmm vibe, you know, but yeah. Going back to like, oh, it turns out I had it right. To begin with. Yeah.

You know, but that's interesting. I wonder if people really noticed, I'm sure they noticed the lack of the rap. Yeah. That's pretty obvious. Yeah. I wonder how many people noticed that they mix didn't hear the mix, any different was different on the radio, driving down the road. You may not as much cuz.

You're not as focused on that, maybe. Yeah. I don't know. That's that's a good thought. Interesting. Alright. Let's talk a little bit about the artists unless you have, unless you have want to interject here. Well, we can go ahead and meet the band. Okay. You wanna meet the band? Yeah, let's do that. And then we'll talk about Paula.

Hey, let's meet the band. It's time to meet the band. Hey mama. Let's meet the


and the wild pair and the scat cat. We gotta dissect all that. All right. We're gonna talk about the band that played on this and did things on this and I'll save the wild pair slash scat cat, all that stuff till the end. Okay. So that we can, can take that where that lands on vocals. I mean, we can talk about this girl forever.

Paula Abdul lead vocals forever. Your girl forever, your girl background vocals. She does a lot of vocally stuff on that. And we'll talk a little bit more on that here in a minute, but so where to start? How about the four, four singles from this album? Yeah. I mean, that's enough right there. Forever. Your girl straight up.

Cold-hearted opposites of track. I mean, you do that and you're set. Like it doesn't matter what you do from here on you're good. She began her career at 18 as a choreographer and head Laker girl. Now this is eighties Lakers. So this is my era prime protime Lakers prom, Lakers magic, Kareem. She then choreographed videos for Janet Jackson, nasty in control.

More recently a judge on American idol from 2002 to 2009, also a judge on X factor. And so you think you can dance. So Paula Abdul, anything you wanna touch on with Paula Abdul, you know, something else she choreographed. She, first of all, she choreographed the Jackson's victory tour. She got that's where she got discovered as, as a choreographer.

Okay. Is she was 18 when she joined the Laker girls and within a year she became their head choreographer at a Lakers game. She got noticed by the Jackson's and they asked her to choreograph Janet's videos, and then she ends up choreographing the Jackson's victory tour, but she also choreographed uncredited apparently the big piano scene in the movie, big.

Oh, shut up with Tom Hanks dance. Yeah. And the that's all. Yeah, apparently that's Paula Abdul doing choreography in that scene. Oh man. That's really cool. Yeah, that's good. What is it? They play, it's not chopstick. Is it heart and soul? It's heart and soul, heart and soul things. That's cool. Rider, you talked a lot about Oliver.

So rider producer, drum program, or keyboards guitar a lot on that. So you covered him extensively very well on base St. Paul Peterson, who we talked about, about in the bands, the family, and the time with Morris day, the family with jelly bean Johnson had a hit nothing compares to you that Shena, O'Connor made pretty big.

Yeah. Sinal whatever CBA. O'Connor the CBA O'Connor on guitar Dan Huff. Oh, wow. Yes. Play guitar on this album. Credited the track on this. It's kind of, it gets kind of noisy on who gets all the credit, but he played on this. So anytime I can talk about Dan Huff, I'm going to yeah. Dan, Huff's got a newer project out, so I know I've not talked about it.

Go to giant is coming back and doing some stuff. Okay. So they have a new project go to never die young by giant. I haven't played this one. They actually started doing this one in 2021. Okay. So it's, it's fairly new go to minute, 1 59 of never die young and let's hear some Dan Huff just for me.

Wow. Love it. New giant, who knew giant here's 1 51 on.

Come on. Come on. Oh, man. That makes J.P. so happy that young man's got a bright future. that's right. That's great. That's good. He's man's got a friend, my favorite line of the day. Additional mixing Keith Casey Cohen mixing at skip sailor studio in Los Angeles. He's done Kylie mano, Sheena, Easton prince let's do little heartstrings for a minute.

He mixed the Harbor lights album. Talk of the town. Rainbows Cadillac, play a little rainbows Cadillac, just because fields of Gray's my favorite from that, but let's keep it up. Tempo. Let's play. Let's play some rainbows Cadillac while we're just touching on different meet to badness. This is this is Keith Casey Cohen mixing this little jewel.

This is Bruce Hornsby, by the way. I don't think we actually said, oh yeah. Sorry about that. Fantastic album. Harbor lights.

Yeah. Love it. Anyway. It's good stuff. Engineers, lots. Pete Martinson, Russell. Bratcher. We talked about Jeff Lober cliff Jones. So lots of engineer credit. Okay. I wanna spend a minute on background vocals because this is an interesting thing. Yvette Marine and Patty Brooks were listed as background vocals.

Okay. But hang on just album, but hang on just a second. Okay. Avette sued Virgin saying she was never getting co-lead vocal credits. So went to court. I'll try to explain it here in a minute long and short Paula one. Now this wasn't a case of Millie Vani, where like Avette was. Paula wasn't singing. That was me Uhhuh.

She was just singing. I sang background vocals on that and never got credit. Huh? Well, she didn't win the case. So take that for what it's worth. Okay. So background vocal, maybe question. Okay. So that's a debate. Was she arguing that maybe she was Paula's double? No, she was saying that she sang some of the background vocal parts.

Okay. Okay. And that she was. Patty Brooks gets a little credit Uhhuh, but she's saying, Hey, I was in there too, singing some of those background vocals and they're like, she never won. She's like I was there singing it, but, huh. Anyway, that's that's an interesting little story. Weird. Yeah. And then the wild pair Bruce and Marvin, we can talk about, I'll let you take it from there.

I do wanna mention one thing about the rap done by Derek Stevens, even though remind Maco actually wrote it. Yes. We talk a little about that in the interview. Roams from million little things. So anyway, take it from there and you can talk as much about the wild pair, however you wanna take that.

Okay. All right. Yeah. Here's here's my stuff on Paula. The wild pair, MCs, Scott Catt, all that stuff. A few more tidbits on Paula. She is one of the highest charting female artists of all time. As far as the number of number one hits, she has six number one hits amazing four office album alone. What are the other two?

Do you write 'em down? They would be rush, rush, rush, rush. Yeah. And promise of a new day. I don't know that one. I don't promise a new day. Maybe.

Anyway, it's another rush, rush, rush. Rush is awesome. That spellbound album's just as it's good. Yeah, it doesn't have, it's not packed full of charting singles that you'll know, but it feels great. She doesn't have, she didn't have a lot of hit ballads, but rush rush is a great ballad and Keanu Reeves in the video.

I don't know if you remember that, but young, young Keanu bill and Ted era Keanu. Reve. Yeah, that's good. She was one of the, I forgot about, go ahead. What I forgot about that, that he was in the, she was one of the original American idol judges and she's often characterized, you know, as like the nice one you had as the sort of anti Simon, Cal, who was like the mean one.

Yeah. And Paula was characterized as the nice one, the encouraging one and opposites attract writer Oliver Lieber had something to say about that. He said when Paula and her a and R rep from Virgin came to. It was just Paula's second time in the studio. And her first had been with a notable producer.

And apparently it was an awful experience. The guy basically told her, get out, you can't sing. I'll do what I can with what we have and try and salvage a usable track. You suck, quit and go back to dancing. That's crazy. I like her voice. I think it's good. So they were very cautious because she had been hurt by that.

Mm-hmm knowing that she didn't have the strongest voice already. Yeah. She's she's not a Mariah Kerry. Yeah. No, she's not a Whitney Houston, but it's good. I mean, it's fine. I don't, so I not like it. Not, not like it. Do you it's so basically what you have with, with Paula was I think she was signed because the, the record company saw something that they could package that they could sell.

Right. Cause of the look cause of the look she was, she was signed. I don't, I don't think it even had much to do with her vocals. Mm-hmm it? I think they kind of went to her and. Can you sing? Yeah. You know what I mean? Yeah. And she went, yes, I can. Yes. I can just ask my buddy Oliver who he'll tell you to say yes to everything and she, and she can sing, but she doesn't have a, it's a powerhouse vocal.

She doesn't have a strong voice. And so most of the time, almost literally all the time, when you hear Paula Abdul's vocals double, you're always hearing them doubled. Yeah. Which is a way to get around someone, having a thinner voice. Yeah. Or maybe not having a vocal, you know, quality that is like, you know, really outstanding.

And so basically what happens is it takes you, you, you put these two vocal tracks on top of each other and the imperfections of each one sort of cancel out and make a, a blend that sounds stronger. And it sounds more on pitch than even one chorus basically is what it's doing. So for those of you guitar players that use a chorus pedal.

Yeah. Because you can't, you can't. Accurately duplicate a performance. You just can't. If you tried to sing the same line 10 times and lay them on top of each other, there would be little nuances in each one. You know, even if you thought I nailed it, there would be little tiny differences. And so those little differences can help actually to strengthen the sound of your voice.

And so that's what is done all the time with, with Paula to strengthen her voice. So they were very careful with Oliver and Oliver was very patient with her. And he said that he, as a first time, producer went over the top to do whatever he could to get the best takes in composites possible, cuz he wants to make a great record mm-hmm and and so he took as much time and as many sessions as necessary being patient.

And he thinks that Paula is the way she is on American idol. And these other shows because of her initial experience, that's with the music industry that she is being the way that she wishes that that producer had been with her gentle encouraging patient, you know, that kind of thing. She also received choreography credits and numerous films, including can't buy me love.

This is, this is all from Wikipedia, by the way. Can't buy me love running, man coming to America. Action Jackson, the doors, Jerry McGuire, American beauty. She received 17 MTV video music award nominations, winning five, as well as receiving the Grammy award for best music video for opposites attract in 1991, she received a primetime Emmy award for outstanding choreography twice for her work on the Tracy Oman show.

Oh yeah. I forgot about that show. You liked it, right? Tracy Oman show. Yeah, I remember from when I was a kid and Tracy Oman, British comedian mm-hmm and Tracy Oman show is actually probably more famous now for what it launched than the show itself. It was the birthplace of the Simpsons. It was, the Simpsons were on there as like a little animated short mm-hmm and they got their own show, man.

It's so it's so neat to watch the advancement of the Simpsons from where it was there with their graphics versus how it is now. No kidding. Go look up a clip, not even from like Simpsons season one, but look up the Simpsons on the Tracy Oman show. Yeah. So anyway, and then her own performance at the music American music awards in 1990, Paula was honored with her own star on the Hollywood walk of fame and is the first entertainer to be honored with the Nickelodeon kids choice awards hall of fame award that's award.

Awesome. Good job. That fits exactly right. Nickelodeon kids' choice, hall of fame for that era. Like you remember Nickelodeon was like, it was the stuff, dude. Nickelodeon was it, it, it was like, so orange, so much orange and green. She was nominated for best female pop vocal performance in 1989 validation mm-hmm but it actually went to body rate for Nick of time.

I'm okay with that. Yeah. She's also won multiple American music awards for favorite pop rock, artist, and favorite dance artist. People's choice awards for favorite female musical performer, and a 2003 teen choice award for choice TV reality, babe. Okay. That's the post during the American idol run there.

All right, here we go. Here's MC Skat Kat, and the wild pair. Let's let's get into all this. Okay. So what you have here, like I said earlier, MCs Scott cat is the cartoon cat in the video. Okay. And in the video, it, it all comes together as one thing, right. It's like a Roger rabbit thing, cartoon interacting with real people.

And so you just go, okay, that's one guy, but it's not. It's really three guys. MCs Scott cat is composed of two guys who called themselves the wild pair. And that would be, they were a vocal duo and that's the vocal duo of Marvin Gunn and Bruce to chaser on duet vocals. And then the rap was actually done by Derek Stevens.

As you said, who was also known as delight the. Marv and Bruce AKA, the wild pair also saying BGV is on forever your girl. And it's just the way that you love me. They're all over this record. And they had another top 40 hit with Stacy Earl. That was a duet. So it's kind of funny the idea that this song is a duet with three people with three, with three people, it was originally and a rapper.

Yes. So, and it was originally written as not a duet at all. It was originally written as sort of a, I say, potato, you say pat potato. Right. Kind of thing. It was, you know, I like I don't like cigarettes, you like to smoke, you know, the, the lines would've come out that way, but then they had had the idea, let's do it with a duet.

So two guys are singing the, the duet lines. They're also doubled in the same way that Paula is, but it's actually two different guys. Okay. And you've got Mars vocal kind of out front as like the, you know, the main thing. Then you've got Derek delight Stevens on the rap vocals. The wild pair had been part of a group called Maserati.

And I think Marva is gonna talk about that. Some yeah, you guys are gonna like hanging out with him. He was so he was so cool. Yeah. He was great in terms of coolest people we've ever talked to. like this guy's up there. Yeah. And they were, it's like Minneapolis, prince funk, family tree including original revolution basis.

Brownmark, Derek daylight Stevens performed the rap, but it was written, as you said primarily by a guy named Romney Malco with some initial input from Oliver Lier. Now Romney Malco is a whole other story. You may know him as an actor. Now he plays the character, Rome Howard on a million little things.

He was in the love guru, baby mama, the 40 year old Virgin, which is what I knew him from. I was like, who is that guy? I was like, oh, the guy from 40 year old Virgin and a bunch of other stuff. Oh, And he also played MC hammer in the VH one original movie, two legit MC hammer story. Oh yes. Romney Malco so that guy is the guy that wrote the rap.

That's awesome. That became MCs. Scott cat's part in this a little bit on the video. Actually I'm tired of talking. You wanna stump the genius? Yeah, let's do it. Stu the genius stump, the genius stump, the genius. It's time to stump the genius. Take your part. I take your part. All right. We're gonna play stuff.

The genius. So let's do it 80% for the season I doing. That's right, man. I'm sitting at 70%. I gotta raise my average. This one's a little tougher. Okay. So, oh man. All right. Dreams are getting dashed to there. That's right. So I'm, I'm cheering you on though. I think you'll get some, so here we go. I think you'll get some I know, right?

It's not very encouraging. Paula was a Laker girl. Yeah. So I'm going with a Laker girl in mind. We're gonna name this Laker by his nickname. Okay. Okay. So I think you'll get a few all, and I'm a couple of my made multiple choice. Try to help. I don't know. Here we go. The black mam. That's Kobe Bryant. That's Kobe Bryant.

Okay. The captain, the captain, the captain, the captain. Now are these all from a specific era? No. No, because Kobe's new. I mean, new era newish, newish, newer than modern era. The captain is from this era, from, from the Paula era. Is that no? Mm-hmm Nope. Nope. Hold on captain. Hold on. Don't gimme a hints. Don't gimme hints.

I wanna get it on my own. The captain. Oh, is that Kareem? That's KA. Okay. Okay. That makes sense. Rang. No bell. All boom. Two for two. All the big smooth. And I'm gonna give you three choices here. Okay. The big, smooth I fifth I'm in get this Sam Perkins VTI. Deok Luke Walton. That's Sam Perkins, right? That's same Perkins.

Oh my gosh. Yes. I'm so impressed right now. Big game, James that's James worthy, James worthy. I mean, I come on, I love this. The diesel. Diesel SHA also Superman SHA Fu. Yeah, man. So good. Oh, I love it. I didn't, I didn't know. He had this one wilt chamber Nez easy. obviously Shaq. Daddy. Did you know this Osama bin?

Shaq? What? That's one of 'em on his list. I know, right? That was probably pre nine 11. I'm gonna guess exactly. Five for five. I can't believe this. Cabin's amazing. Okay. Big shot, Rob. Okay. We got three choices. I'll help you. Robert Orry, Robert Parrish, Robert swift. Okay. It's not Robert Parrish. I don't know who Robert swift is.

I'm gonna Rob over Robert. He was big shot, Rob. Right? Big shot, Bob too. Was he big shot? All the big game winners. That's that's awesome. One of the clutch players of this uh, Jordan and magic have six or excuse me, Jordan and Shaq have six rings. Yeah. Magic and Kobe have five. Robert Ory has seven. Wow. Spurs he's on the spurs stairs.

Spurs rockets. Yeah. Lakers. Yeah, dude. Awesome. That was cool. Robert swift, that other guy was a seven foot. One guy got a 4.4 million contract and only played in 16 games and averaged one point per game. Y super bust, maybe the biggest bust in NBA history. Oh man. How can you be that bad four point at seven foot tall, 7 1, 4 0.4 million contract.

One point a game. Wow. Anyway. Okay. Last one. Can you run this category? That's an exact, you know what happened? You know what happened? That's they're like, can you play basketball? And he's like, yes, I can. And they throw him, hits him in the nose and like, exactly. They're like, well, this guy can dance. Can he play basketball?

anyway, it's funny. Last one. I'd love it. If you got a hundred percent. Yeah, last one. Okay. The logo. That's Jerry. We that's Jerry, come on, dude. I'm so impressed. So impressed with that. Some other notables, George Mike was Mr. Basketball, hot run Huntley. I was the freak, right? He was a freak. I'm not gonna give I'm.

No, that was. No. Okay. And I wasn't gonna give you magic Ivin Johnson. I was like that's too easy. Yeah, sure. Matt. Yeah, but man, 7%, Rob I'm super impressed. Bring my own bell. Let's do that's awesome. Video. Talk about some video. All Paula with MC Skat Kat, the coolest animated cat around like we all, how bad we all wanna be?

MC Skat Kat. Absolutely. Let's do, did I anyway, go ahead. Cuz like that was even like, it, it was one thing. It was a little weird to want be Eddie from who? For Roger rabbit. Yeah, because Jessica rabbit wasn't real. Yeah. You know what I mean? Exactly. Paul abs real Paul Abdul was very, very real. That's true.

All too real. That's right. And so it was okay to wanna be MCs Scott cat's and get to dance with Paul Abdul. Right. They're like, you're never gonna be able to be with a cartoon, but if I'm the cartoon that's right. I can be with that. That's right. I'm gonna flip this. I'm the cartoon that's I love it. Okay, so let's go weird.

I'm gonna flip this. Barbara Gunn is listening to like, who are these guys? This is, I'll tell you. I would love to know what some of our guests, we don't always get to talk to him again after that. Sometimes we do afterwards, but sometimes I'll send a nice message. Hey, I enjoyed this. Sometimes I'll send an, Hey, I enjoyed this, but but some of them, yeah, anyways, some of 'em I did not enjoy this.

So the video won the 1991 Grammy for best short form music video topping Madonna, Phil Collins, and Shena O'Connor it was nominated for six awards at the 1990 MTV video music awards the, oh, sorry. It was nominated for six awards at the 1990 MTV VMAs. It was nominated for best female video, which went to Shena O'Connor best dance video, which went to you.

Can't touch this by the aforementioned MC hammer best breakthrough video, which went to tears for fears, for sewing, the seeds of love best direction, which went to Vogue best choreography, which went to rhythm nation and best special effects, which also went to sewing the seeds of love fitness. So like kind a tough break on the VMAs nominated for six walked away with no winds.

Yeah. The animation was completed by a process called rotoscoping where in a dancer did the moves in front of a blue screen. So that's a fourth person involved with MC stat cat. The animator. Yeah. No, not the, the dancer. That's right. And then the animator animated MC Skat Kat over that foot, who was the dancer?

Do we know that? Well, yes. I only actually share this fact because I wanted to tell you that the dancer's name was Michael Baloo shrimp chambers. okay. Bug Lou shrimp. How throw him in the nickname game. Yeah. Yes. Michael boooooo shrimp chambers. That's awesome. It makes, it makes me wonder if he had a part in breaking two electric Booooo.

Yeah, possibly. That's the only, only way I can see you getting that nickname. Oo shrimp somehow. That's funny. Anyway, Michael Booooo shrimp chambers, let's say it one more time. A little more on the album. It was forever. Your girl, the most successful debut album in history at the time of its release, it spent 10 weeks atop the billboard 200.

Even the, they put out an album of remixes mm-hmm and even the remix album went to number seven. That's how huge this album was. It spawned four, number one, hot, 100 hits making Paula Abdul, just the fourth artist at the time. And one of only eight to this day to have four number one songs from the same album.

Do you wanna try and guess who the artists were and extra credit for guessing the albums? I mean, I was some of them, you can guess some of them, you can just, I would think a Dale, maybe not four number ones, no four ones. Mm-hmm . For number one hits off the same album guns and roses. Were they on there?

Nope. Okay. Gracious. That's a great, that's a pretty guess though. I thought they would've had that one. But not we're talking about overall hot 100, right? So guns and roses. Would've been number one rock charts. This is hot 100 period. And some of them, you just gotta think iconic all-time artists.

Don't you too. Don't overthink it. Actually. You two's not one of them. Goodness gracious. I'm second Madonna, Madonna. Michael Jackson. No, I'm sorry. No, not Madonna. No Madonna, not no Madonna. Ah, man. I'm so bad at this list. Okay. Go ahead. Give either, gimme a song from the album or something. If you got the Yeah.

I mean, father figure. Okay. George, Michael, George, Michael faith. Okay. Yeah. Whitney Houston. Yeah, Whitney. I would've gone Whitney. Next. That was the next guess I had. Okay. Janet Jackson, rhythm nation. 18, 14 black cats on there. Yeah. Mariah car. Mariah. I gotta get my girl. Yeah. Which album do you think it surprise me.

I'm it's not. Well, then it's not gonna be daydream. It's gonna be music box. It's gonna be Mariah Carey. What? The first one? Debut. The debut. Okay. Let's see if someday visions of love. Yeah. What are the other two? I don't, I know those two love takes time. That's I love that. I don't wanna cry. Yeah. Like I, to number one on the hot 100 then you have, I've gotten there eventually.

Then you have Usher's confessions album. I would've never gotten there. Yeah. Then you've got the, the obvious one to me is Michael Jackson's bad. Yeah. Michael Jackson bad had like, not thriller though. Just not thriller. Okay. And then the most recent one is Katie Perry. She did it on either. Okay. Yeah.

Dreams. Do you know the ones that are on, did you write the songs down from teenage dream teenage dream? It's firework. Does it have fireworks? Firework? T G I F. Okay. Teenage dream and.

Umer is that one? I don't think roar was on TV was an album in itself, right? Yeah, that's right. Yeah. I can't remember what the other one is, but anyway, it was when it was like, you couldn't go 10 seconds without hearing Katie Perry on the radio. Yeah, it was those everybody was wearing cupcakes on their head.

that's right. That's I went to Church. Alright. I think that's all I've got as far as research. If you are good, then we'll go ahead and proceed to our interview with Marvin Gunn, AKA OneGunn AKA one half of the wild pair, AKA one third of MC Skat Kat slash maybe one fourth of MC Skat Kat. If you count the dancer, count blue shrimp, Lou shrimp.

So I wanna meet that guy, dude. That's who we're getting on next week. hang around. We'll be talking with big Lou shrimp. That's right. So let's go talk to OneGunn Marvin gun and we'll be back at the end to tuck you in, but first stop what you're doing right now. I see you. It's not worth it. Anyway, put that cupcake down.

You don't need it. I, I promise I sympathize with you. You don't need it. Let's do something good for ourselves today. Stop what you're doing. And instead of eating a delicious chocolatey cupcake, I think maybe I'm hungry. Go to Twitter, go to Instagram, go to Facebook and follow us at Great Song Podcast.

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blessings and thank yous and early episodes, extended episodes, bonus stuff you won't get anywhere else. That's if you go to Pod. All right, we're gonna talk to Marvin Gunn. One half of the wild pair who sang on opposites attract and the forever your girl album, and has just some of the best name dropping and coolest stuff.

That's, we've talked to anybody about. So let's go talk to him and then we'll be back in a second. This is the Great Song Podcast, ladies and gentlemen, we are here as promised with OneGunn half of the wild pair, one third of MCs, Scott cat, I guess and we'll get into all that here in just a minute, but man, thank you so much for joining us today on the Great Song Podcast.

Hey, the Great Song Podcast. I'm happy to be here, guys. Let's start with the story of how the wild pair ended up on the forever, your girl album and in particular on opposites attract, which I understand was kind of a last minute addition to the album, is that right? Yeah. I mean, not to my knowledge, but yeah, when I, you know, kind of read the the after reads.

Yeah. That's, that's what I saw later, but, you know Well, myself and Tony Christian known as a wild pair back then, we came from Maserati that's when we finally were, we're done with the Maserati days off of Pasley park records. And we were in the studio just, you know, you, you leave one band and you get out there, you start recording your own music.

And the producer for Paula Oliver Lieber, I think he was using the same studio going in and out a lot of times when you go to a studio or, or you're new, you say, Hey, let me hear what you've done. You want to hear the quality of the sound, how the engineers mixing and all that. And I think Oliver heard some of the stuff we were doing and we got a call you know, we, we ended up talking to him and, you know, he wanted to work with us and, you know, we knew our history.

If you don't know, Oliver Lieber, his dad was Jerry Lieber. He wrote for Elvis Presley and a lot of other previous greats. But so he said, yeah, I wanna work with you guys. So the first thing we did was he had a. He had a licensing agreement to put a song in a movie Michael J. Fox movie called bright like big city.

And that was the first thing we did with Oliver's song called obsessed when Michael J. Fox gets a, a bad cocaine nose bleed, probably his worst movie. But anyway, so once we did that, he he later on told us I got this I'm working with this choreographer out of LA great choreographer. She's going into music.

She's gonna start singing, doing her own album. She's signed to a label. We're gonna write some songs for her. So we ended up doing as, you know, opposites attract forever year girl. And it's just the way that you love me. Well opposites and, and all the songs in the studio. Whenever I worked with Oliver, if it was, you know for us or someone else, I always sang all the lead vocals.

So on opposites attract, I sang a whole thing. You know, I'd sing a lead track whenever I could. And We thought that was it because I'm forever your girl. And it's the way that just sit the way. It's just the way that you love me that we're background vocals, myself and Tony Christian. So opposites, we finished it and Oliver sent it out and he, you know, after conversations or whatever, he said, I think they're gonna keep your lead vocal on it and make this a duet.

And I was like, what, what do you, what do you mean? But remember now Paula was really unknown to the music world, so right. It didn't really didn't make a difference to me. And you know, when it came back, it was like, yeah, this, this is a hit. So basically he just popped my vocal out, popped hers in it's kind of the answer parts.

And it went on from there. And when I read later, I was reading later about how it came about, where they decided to do the scat cat compared to cause we were supposed to be in the video. So imagine, Hey guys, you've gotta dot with Paula. There's gotta be a video. Right. And, you know, opposite to track.

And I don't think we were told, I think we just saw it. Wow. Right. So we saw it and it's like, wait a minute. That ain't me. it's my voice. I don't remember doing this. And did

I rapping too? There was no rap when I finished it. Right. So that was done after my vocal. And as you watch it, you just, you can't be anything but amazed like man. And then of course I I've watched the old Fred stare Jean Kelly movie. So I'm like, oh, that's where she got it from, but she's doing it.

She's modernized it a little bit. So I'm like, this is great stuff. I can't complain. I'm still singing. You know, I still get royalty. So I'm part of the song forever. And. After a little bit of being taken aback or like, yeah, this, this is good. You know, I mean, however, they worked it out, they were amazing at not even how they did the song, but then how they did the video.

So yeah. And then the video sort of even served, you know, it can be argued to, to take the song to another level. So it kind of benefited everybody, I think, in the end maybe to have the video. But I'm sure it was strange to all of a sudden be like, hold up, we're not in the video, but there's a cartoon cat, you know, smoking cigarettes and like running around with Paul abs weird up these stairs, you know?

Yeah. Yeah. And I wish I could dance like that. So it was a lot of jealousy moments and things like that. But once we saw it, it was, you know, it was just undeniable. You gotta admit that it was for the better, you know, just like another song we may talk about, but it was for the better that she did it being the person who she is, the success she's had.

And what's funny is you talk to kids nowadays and I'm like, yeah. Somebody will say, yeah, that's a guy that's saying with poly Abdule, they'll say who's that. And then you gotta go down the list and say, you know, she was on that, that music show like, oh yeah, I know her. So that's, she was a liker girl.

Maybe I'll remember her liker guy. You know, if they're a sports fan, right. That would get 'em too. But yeah, for sure. They wouldn't go back. But when you talk about the show she's on now, they're like, oh yeah, we like Paula. So . Yeah. And, and she was fun to work with too. You know, we did our stuff separate, so we did our stuff in Minneapolis.

But initially we went out to. And, you know, from Paula, the wild pair actually got a record deal. Yeah. We didn't maintain it, but from, from Paula, we got a, a record deal. So we had to go out to California for about 11 months, almost a year out there. And yeah, we got to party with the stars and Oliver and, and hang out with Paula and back then, you know, she was very shy and just quiet and just, you know, a nice just friendly person.

So yeah. Do love her to this. Let's let's talk a little bit about Minnesota, cuz it, I was telling J.P. right before we started, like it always weirds me out a little bit. That Minneapolis is so associated with like the funk scene. It just doesn't scream like funk to me. You know what I mean? So it always, it's always, you know, you think about like blues, you have certain cities you think about, you think about country music, you have certain cities you think about.

And so it always, it always trips me out a little bit to go, oh yeah, funk, obviously that's Minneapolis, but like you know, tell us a little bit about even from, with Maserati and the, the, you know, the Paisley park sort of crew all that the, the Minneapolis funk scene there. Tell us a little bit about that.

Yeah. So going back back to the day from Milwaukee to Minneapolis so how it started was, you know, me and my buddy, Tony, we, we, we, you know, we just hung out together. We did everything together. We moved him Minnesota together. But before that we were going to our first prince concert and I think the time we're opening was opening up for prince.

Okay. And this was in Chicago. So, you know, we're driving from Milwaukee to Chicago, typical musicians and whatever. Always late, always late. And I've never seen I don't know what he had back then. It might have been a Ford pen, but I've never seen it go that fast before and shaking and rattling on the highway.

So we're trying to get to the concert, long story short, we missed it. But my buddy was very, you know, intuitive and creative. He's like, well, let's just go where they're hanging out. Let's go to the, not even after party, the hotel, the after, after the gig place. And we got to the hotel and we're we're going in the elevator and we look up and realize we're going in the elevator behind the time.

So the entire group we get on the elevator and we're behind them and we're with each other, like, you know, doing like that. And so they, we just rode up to their floor. We weren't going anywhere. We were trying to find prints. So we followed the time, went up to their floor. We got out all of the time members went to their their rooms, right.

Closed their door. So we're hanging out. We're like, what are we gonna do now, man? I mean, we don't know. I mean, we don't, let's just go back to Milwaukee in all of a sudden they all start coming out. And so that was their relief, I guess they'd come out and just hang over the banister. They were way up there, look over in the atrium.

And we happened to be in front of the room of Terry Lewis and I'm sure, you know, Terry Lewis Jimi jam. So we're chitchatting with Terry Lewis. We're like, Hey man, we're, you know, we're musicians, we're in the band called crew seduction. It's one of the hottest band in Milwaukee. And we wanna, you know, we wanna get there like you guys and he, after the conversation, he said, you know what, I wanna do something with you guys.

And we looked at each other, we said, that's it. Within two weeks we packed up. We moved to Minneapolis. He already had a brother up there. So although we didn't stay with him, but we packed up, we moved to Minneapolis with some other musicians, tried to get some stuff happening, but Tony met Brownmark on the, literally on the street really.

And yeah. And, and Brownmark was putting together a group, you know in Prince's band. You know, band members always talked about prince didn't like them working, you know, doing other things, or I just think he wanted to be part of it. Mm-hmm , you know, and, but mark was doing Maserati you know, in secret and he was called himself the shadow and you know, so it's funny because he was, the group had a name, they were in the basement, they were still rehearsing.

They had a name, they lost the guitar player, Tony guitar player joined the group, and somehow they lost the keyboard player. Tony talked about me, I got in the group and it seemed like if you were if you were mixing the. We were like the final ingredients. Okay. And that there's no way you know, Maserati would've been what it was.

If we were like separate doing a Maserati, it was that group of guys that worked together prince Scott, wind of it, and Paisley park was being created at the same time. And who was the first group on Paisley park? That was Maserati. That's awesome. What a great distinction. That's a lot of fun. Oh man. It was crazy from there.

we gotta ask we gotta ask any, any anybody that we talked to, we talked to a couple people who've had sort of print associations, you know, in one way or another. So we gotta ask if you have a favorite print story that you wanna share with us and with the world, the, I guess the best story I had was prince brought in a song to us called kiss, and it was kind of a I called it more country in Western.

People will call it jazz. It was really just country in Western and him strumming to get tired and kinda like a lazy sing along lead line. And. He said I want you guys to do something with it. And I wanted to go on Miles's album and they're like, okay. So, and once again, not, not the entire band always works on the album.

Mm-hmm , you know, sometimes you bring in members later, but it was myself, Tony the guitar player, lead vocalist, and then Brownmark, then prince out in LA to do the Maserati album. So he brought it in the studio said, I want you guys to do this song. And we tried and we tried, you know, Brownmark laid some baselines down.

We did this the lead vocalist, Terry Casey was working on it. It's like, they were just saying this just isn't us, man. I think, I think he was trying to take us down. I'm like, I dunno why he would try to take his own group down, but everybody got mad and they left the studio except for me, Tony and and David Z, the engineer.

And, you know, Tony and I, I think we were more amazed at working with prince than the people that were already in Minneapolis, maybe. So we're like he said, work on it. We're gonna work on it. Right. You guys can leave. Are we okay to stay in here? We're gonna use up some time. It's gonna cost some money.

Yeah, yeah. Ahead. And we just kind of looked at David Z Tony and myself, and said, let's work on it. So we started putting it together, man. I mean, we started doing that with the the engineer creating the pation even before I think it was around I sang the lead vocal. We, we, we jumped on all the background vocals and this was about five or six in the morning, so we're just singing it.

I sang and it's out there, but I sang a, a terrible lazy five in the morning lead vocals and, and I was trying to sound like prince because that's how he kind gave it to I'm like, okay. So we worked till about 5, 5 30, and we came back. We had to be back at like 7:00 AM or seven 30. So when you walk into sunset sound when we, where we came in, you took a right, was the office.

And back then they had a, a pinball machine. So we'd go in there every morning. And that's how I warmed up my vocals. I played pinball. Okay. So I, we played a machine and we were just doing it. And then I heard something that was like a little speaker on the side. And I heard something that sounded like what we were working on, but I was so intent on, on kicking my buddies, pinball that I wasn't paying a lot of attention.

And I started thinking like, somebody ripped this song off. I mean, and then I'm thinking I got all these crazy thoughts. And then I hear this voice behind my back. How do you like it? and I'm like, I turn around it's prince and he's. That's all he said, right? He didn't say much. And you had to start putting it together.

Oh, this is what we did last night. This is a song. He took the vocal off. Wait, there's no bass. So we're, we're doing all this stuff and eventually just say, yeah. Yeah. Sounds good. It's good. and I'm thinking, I'm thinking to myself now, how are you gonna sing on the Maserati album? Right? Oh, cause it was a Maserati song.

Yeah. Right. Maserati featuring prince on this one. Yeah. Yes, yes. So he said, how do you like it? We said, yeah, we went out in the courtyard. After that we shot some hoops. He just, he hit three pointers all day and some high heels. Kicked our butts and, and after that, you know, we were cool. Yeah. I've seen a, I've seen the Dave Chappelle episode where prince balls, all, everybody in in basketball.

So I guess that's really a thing where he, prince is an Hooper was, and, and you're not even saying it, but my wife. Still talks about shirts and blouses. That's funny. That's awesome. Which, which one were you, which one were you honey shirt or that's obviously a hundred NPH. The difference in y'all's version and the prince version is pretty noticeable.

I thought on the Maserati version of that his has got that, that guitar ball intro but good, good stuff there. As a tie in there as well, there's parts of these where we just kind of like talk about things that we really like about the people we're talking with on your solo work. I really like signs.

Your upper register is really showcased there. The funky guitar and bass on it's on the song cry reminds me of a little slower version of fill me in by Craig David. Anyway, it's so good. So you've got a good, a good back catalog that I got to listen through and enjoyed before I knew we were gonna get to hang out with you.

So that that's something that I'll tell our listeners to check out some of the solo work that you've got going. I always love when people that just motivates me, man. So I, I, I truly appreciate that. One thing I didn't mention, you know, Maserati, you know, people, people have talked about yeah. They always talk about, well, there's this group getting back together.

We tried, you know, several get back togethers. And the, the only constant I feel was, was myself, because I kept trying to motivate and push everybody to do it. And then there was also the the scenario where maybe some of the band thought mark was gonna put it back together, Brownmark. But the reason I'm bringing that up is because signs and it's on, were written for Maserati the comeback.

It was gonna be Maserati revisited. Yeah. And you know, the, the day of the, the video for it's on I think the bass player, he, he just said, I'm done, I'm not gonna do this. So what's funny in the video is that Someone's old girlfriend showed up right. With their son, long story short and you know, good looking kid, you know, just had a great image and everything.

I mean, he looked like a superstar, right. We threw a bass on him and we said, Hey, just pretend to play the bass of video. That's awesome. Oh, I love that. That's good. But I, I was watching and one thing that's funny is when I watched him play it, he was playing like this. Oh yeah. And I'm like, don't show that too much.

Okay. Cause he had his hands all out like that. He wasn't touching it this hand. Wasn't. But it was like let's get, let's get a little tighter on that. Like good headshot. let's slow it down. Slow motion. Nobody will see it. But yeah, that was for Maserati. And when they, when that all failed, it was like the motivation to, you know, well, I'm glad you had two extra songs for my CD, so yeah.

What could I do? Yeah. I'm glad you didn't. I'm glad you didn't keep it tucked away. Yeah. The and speaking of like looking the part, you definitely look the part of the Marley experience perfectly. I think it's great. I saw your one love video that you posted are, are you, did you embrace the Marley experience?

Cuz you look like him or because you're truly a Marley fan. Like were you, cause you could pull off the look or was it more that you really are a Bob Marley fan? Yeah. Well, if we go way, way back and, and my, my friend keeps reminding me of this that you never liked. Bob Marley. Remember when I was trying to get you to listen to his songs and song, I'm like.

Yeah. I didn't like him. I didn't understand it. I didn't like the look. Yeah. I didn't, I didn't like it. Right. And not too long ago, I was in, I was in Vegas and a friend of mine. He was his, his brother or I think it was his brother. He was doing, he, he was like the biggest prince tribute out there.

And he, my friend would come on and he would interject Morris day. So it was kind of cool. If you saw a tribute and you see prince, he disappears the time, step front, you know, step up, they disappear. Prince comes back. So that was kind of the show. And in the end, we, you know, we sat down and chatted after the show.

You know, haven't seen in a long time he said, yeah, I'm thinking about really doing a Lenny Kravitz thing. And somewhere the Bob Marley thing popped up, you know, just, just looking at me. But I didn't have a beard and that's a whole, a beard mustache. I was face hairless and that, that popped up.

And, and I think my wife was talking about it and I'm like, okay. So he said, okay, so let's do Lenny and, and Bob, and let's take that on tour, you know, as a, a tribute thing. I'm like, okay, so I get my, but in gear and I'm, I'm working on it, I'm, I'm studying, I'm trying to do everything. And I don't hear from this guy.

So I'm like, well, I put all this time into it. Why not move forward with it? Yeah. Bust the Bob Marley tribute began. I, I just, I dove into him like a, a warm swimming pool. You know, I just, all the knowledge I start studying him. I mean, and in the end, what I like best about Bob is the message. I think he's got one of the greatest messages of any artist you can put out there.

I don't care who you put up against him, but you know, his, his music was all about. Life. Unfortunately it was about some of the hard times he was seeing back in his day, but it's still life and it, and it still applies to today, you know, and, and his whole thing was, I'm trying to uplift you. I'm gonna give you all these stories.

Like I have a song called bad situation. Now my wife doesn't love it. Right. but she doesn't understand the meaning. See, in the end, the bad situ in the end of the bad situation, it says I can change. So it's just a guy down on his life, you know, and just everything's hitting him left and right. He's getting haymaker.

And, but in the end he can change. So I, I compare that to the same thing as far as, you know Bob talks about all that stuff, but he's really saying, you know, one love guys, we can do this. Right. We can make it happen. So I always say, you know, like when people, I, I do a lot of my own shows. You know, Bob is a 90 minute set, so it's not like a Like I don't perform with like local bands that much.

It's usually my show. It's a lot of casinos and private events, but I always say to myself like people will mention putting me on a reggae festival. I'm like, you can, but these guys are their own artists. Right. I'm coming with all hits. Yeah. Right. Yeah. I don't care. And I'm trying to perform like the guy that did all of these hits.

Yeah. So I'm like, you can put me on it if you want, but I get a lot of I get a lot of that that look like, you know, you're imitating a great or. But yeah, princess tributes are just killing the industry. You know what I mean? Yeah. They're just they're so every guy I talk to, yeah. I'm in the, the best prince tribute band there is.

I'm like, whoa, you're number 10. Right. really good. There's the 10th best you the first best. Yeah. That's awesome. Yeah, but no, I really enjoy Bob it's it's most of my musical work outside of, you know, working in the studio. Mm, great. What's so what's on the horizon for you. What can we look forward to coming from you in the coming months and even the next, you know, next year or two, I'm glad you asked outside of right now I'm signed with Wolf entertainment.

It's a label out of Germany slash France. And so working on my next single putting out my first CD with those guys. So that's happening. I'm also working on a podcast. okay. TV show. And it's it's going to be about a TV series. It's gonna be about living with schizophrenia. I have that that scenario lurking within my family.

Okay. And we, we just see so many things that we're like, we gotta make something of this. So yeah. My wife and I are, are putting together functioning and, and we're going to start out with a little podcast and we're going to start working on. Some type of mini TV series and you know, hopefully it gets picked up.

Yeah. And outside of that you know, just always keeping my hands in music working on licensing music and stuff like that. So, great. Well, we will definitely spread the word when we hear that you have those things out and about best of luck with all that. There's one question that we ask everybody.

Thank you so much. You've been so, so fun. It's been great. Thank you for your time up. So you're on tour. Mm-hmm either doing your solo stuff or doing the Marley experience, whatever you're on tour and you go into a gas station. What is your gas station? Snack, food of choice. And while you're thinking of your answer, I'll tell you mine.

I get a three Musk of tears bar. When I was growing up, my mom would say at any candy bar you want, and that's the most ounces. So I get a three mustard tears. You're you're being bad. What is your gas? You're being bad. Snack food of choice. yeah. And, and think about it. So I I'm, I'm kind of a snowbird, so I'm in Phoenix try to avoid Minneapolis, but we have a presence there too.

Mm-hmm so. 2019 COVID hit and I drove my truck. So we spent the summer in Minneapolis. So gas station after gas station. Sure. Number one is easily ranch flavored, sunflower seeds. That's so go. That's a good answer. That's number one, the salt keeps me up. I can't get enough in my mouth, so I'm not overeating

There you go. Oh, but after. After that it's the the honey barbecue, corn chip, so, okay. My favorite double salty snack. Yeah. I'm I'm gonna now what about both of you? I've heard yours. What about you? Who Rob? What you well see mine, if just a normal day it's, I'm probably going Snickers or Reeses.

That's you know, you can tell looking at me, I'm not really grabbing the sunflowers seeds as much as I probably should. so I'm I'm going for that. Some something sweet, probably. Oh man. I've got a snicker sweet tooth. Well, I just wanted to give you, give you, yeah, I wanted to give you guys this information.

You can reach, right? You can also send me Okay. And OneGunn is all one word. If you wanna get on the mailing list or, you know, know where I'm performing next? I've got a quiet little spot called the the GPO lounge. Okay. Okay. Stay tuned for that.

It'll be streamed. I'm gonna save you guys and stuff and put you on the list. So you know what I'm doing and hopefully I'll just see you at a concert one day. Maybe I'll come your way. There you go. That great. Next time you're in Nashville. Hit us up. We'll go get some sunflower seeds. Stay in touch.

Awesome. Yeah, man. That's helped line. We'll try to meet you up. Meet up the great. Yeah. All right, man. Thanks so much for joining us all the best. Talk to you soon. Yeah. Great meeting you guys, man. All the best to you as well. Keep it rocking. Okay. All right, too. Thanks. Have a good one. All right. Take care.

Yeah. This is the Great Song Podcast. And that was OneGunn from the wild pair and that we told you he was cool. He's freaking cool. He is very cool. And, and we got to see you. I was gonna say, we can see how cool he is. Awesome hair. Yeah. There that goes off. He's still just a very cool dude. So thanks to Marvin for joining us and thanks to you for listening.

Yeah. Season 10 is rocking on. We got one more showcase left in August. Eighties. August has been incredible, man. What a dozy? Yes, we got another, another classic coming for you next week. So I can't wait. I can't wait to record it, frankly. We're about to record it. So we'll see you guys next week with another great song until then.

I'm Rob I'm. J.P. Go listen to some music.