June 15, 2018

Ten Summoner's Tales (Sting) Ep 205 WITH MUSIC

Ten Summoner's Tales (Sting) Ep 205 WITH MUSIC
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**THIS EPISODE INCLUDES ALBUM AUDIO WITH COMMENTARY** The boys expand into a new format with this episode: real-time full album commentary on one of the greatest albums of our lifetime; Sting's amazing Ten Summoner's Tales. Enjoy this version with included album audio, or check out the alternate "Commentary Only" version and listen to the album on your own speakers while we yammer from your podcast device. Join our Facebook group for weekly threads and fun discussions! facebook.com/groups/greatsongpod Twitter/Instagram: @greatsongpod Archives and merch at greatsongpodcast.com. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/greatsongpod/message