Sept. 15, 2021

She's a Beauty (w Fee Waybill of The Tubes)

She's a Beauty (w Fee Waybill of The Tubes)

A theatrical rock band collaborating with David Foster and Steve Lukather--what more could you want from the '80s? Good luck getting this one out of your heads. San Fransisco/Bay Area legends The Tubes deliver an all-time ear worm, and we get to chat with frontman (and one of the 3 Most Important People in the World) Fee Waybill about the true story behind the song, censorship, and...

- How you can thank Canada for this ‘80s classic

- We fantasy-book the first ever Great Song Podcast Festival

- The legendarily weird artist who told The Tubes they were TOO WEIRD to be his opening act.


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Co-producers: Andrea Konarzewski, Ari Marucci, Brad Callahan, Michael Conley, Peter Mark Campbell, David Steinberg, Linda Crow, Randy Hodge, Chaz Bacus, Juan Lopez and Game of Throws

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