Aug. 11, 2021

"Need You Now" (w Dave Haywood of Lady A) - Episode 801

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Season 8 begins with a BIG BANG--Lady A's Dave Haywood joins us to talk about all things Lady A, and we go in-depth (maybe a little too in-depth) on their absolute SMASH hit "Need You Now."


The Ruth's Chris and White Castle cover versions

Singing the hits in made-up languages

Don't Sleep on Sunflower seeds!


Catch Rob Friday, August 13 as a guest on the Beer'd Al Podcast!


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Co-producers: Andrea Konarzewski, Ari Marucci, Brad Callahan, Michael Conley, Peter Mark Campbell, David Steinberg, Linda Crow, Cari Bendersky, Randy Hodge, Chaz Bacus, and Juan Lopez

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