Sept. 14, 2022

Mississippi Queen (w Corky Laing of Mountain)

Mississippi Queen (w Corky Laing of Mountain)

An all-time rock monster of a song, and a perfect '70s rock gem, Mountain's "Mississippi Queen" stands tall as a peak (pardon the pun) example of what American rock music could be. And there's a great story to the song, which we'll learn courtesy of Mountain's own Corky Laing, who brought the song to the band.


“When I play Mississippi Queen, I think of Jesus Christ”

Guitar pickup ash trays!

“If you need to beat up a tornado, you throw on Mississippi Queen.”

Mountain’s Corky Laing walks us through the creation of this iconic rock track

“A lot of our brothers and sisters never made it back:” Nantucket Sleighride and the reality of an often-greedy industry

The name of the real Mississippi Queen revealed

The pep-talk/wake-up call Corky Laing got from Warren Haynes

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