May 3, 2019

I Wish (Skee-Lo) - Episode 318

I Wish (Skee-Lo) - Episode 318
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The debut smash from Skee-Lo will instantly take you back to the playground, and we've got the scoop on the song this week! Grab a basketball and meet us at the court (so you can keep us company on the bench), and let's talk about one of the feel-good hits of the '90s. Also in this episode: - 1996: hip-hop’s greatest year? - The incredible true story behind the ’64 Impala and its impact in hip-hop culture - Our starting 5 fictional basketball players   As always, leave us a review to help the show get in front of more folks, and connect with us for Shenanigans, merch, and more. Twitter: @GreatSongPod --- Send in a voice message: