March 4, 2020

I Love You Always Forever (Donna Lewis) - Episode 505

I Love You Always Forever (Donna Lewis) - Episode 505
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It's the most adorable song of the 1990's on this week's episode! Bob your head and feel the warm hug that is "I Love You Always Forever," a song that is somehow amazing even though its title feels like it was made up by a random song generator that translates from English to Korean and back. In this episode: - We award this song the 1st ever (and highly prestigious) Cal Naughton Jr Memorial Bridesmaid Award. - We play “Name that Female One-Hit Wonder” and you can scream at Rob from your home or car as he struggles to think of Shawn Colvin!  -How old was Donna Lewis when this song came out? As always, leave us a review to help the show get in front of more folks, and connect with us for Shenanigans, merch, and more. Twitter/Instagram: @GreatSongPod --- Send in a voice message: