June 30, 2021

Whoomp! There It Is (w DC Glenn of Tag Team)

Whoomp! There It Is (w DC Glenn of Tag Team)

Bonus time! We had so much fun with this episode we decided to release it as an addendum to Season 7, connecting two of our favorite Geico ad artists, Europe and Tag Team.

Who doesn't love "Whoomp! There It Is"? The ubiquitous '90s hit has reached a whole new life cycle as the 2021 face of Geico ads, and we're gonna cover ALL of it. Plus:

-DC Glenn, The Brain Supreme, is gonna make you a better person

-The incredible Disney version and the...uh...well the Addams Family version

-Jock Jams, "Whoot," "Scoop! There It Is" and more! Sprinkles!!!!!!

Thanks SO much for listening and DOUBLE thanks for supporting the show. Sprinkles for everyone!


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