Sept. 6, 2019

The Joker (Steve Miller Band) - Episode 408

The Joker (Steve Miller Band) - Episode 408
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He's no Joaquin Phoenix, but he'll do. Steve Miller, the chillest rock legend maybe ever, graces the show for the first time with his classic, "The Joker." We'll learn about his love for '50s doo-wop and maybe some lyrical and musical larceny!  Also in this episode: - Epismotology and other made-up words - Wait, is this a pot song? - Crap, yeah it’s all pot. - Rob and JP do their own verses!   As always, leave us a review to help the show get in front of more folks, and connect with us for Shenanigans, merch, and more. Instagram/Twitter: @GreatSongPod --- Send in a voice message: