Aug. 2, 2019

Sledgehammer (Peter Gabriel) - Episode 401

Sledgehammer (Peter Gabriel) - Episode 401
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The boys are back in town! …is not the song we’re kicking off Season Four with. No no, we’ve gone VERY big for the premiere of this new season, with a trilogy of episodes we’re calling the Genesis Family Tree! Starting here with “Sledgehammer,” we move along with Genesis’ landmark album “Invisible Touch” and finish with “The Living Years” by Mike + the Mechanics! In this episode:- Wait, is this just about sex?- Mount Rushmore of Music Videos?- Crap, yeah it’s all sex. As always, leave us a review to help the show get in front of more folks, and connect with us for Shenanigans, merch, and more.greatsongpodcast.comInstagram/Twitter : --- Send in a voice message: