July 14, 2021

Quitting Your Job - Playlist My Life Episode 2

Quitting Your Job - Playlist My Life Episode 2
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Episode 2 of Playlist My Life curates the perfect soundtrack for Quitting Your Job. Submit your scenarios by clicking the Messages button at playlistpod.com!

What song would you add? Send us a message or leave a comment and we'll add our favorite to the official playlist!

Look for the official playlist on Apple Music and Spotify by searching Playlist My Life or The Great Song Podcast.



JP’s 5

1. I Want to Break Free - Queen

2. Uprising - Muse

3. Only God Can Judge Me - 2Pac

4. Bad - U2

5. Still The Same - Bob Seger

Rob’s 5

1. Take This Job and Shove It - Johnny Paycheck

2. So What - P!nk

3. You Don’t Own Me - GRACE (feat. G-Eazy)

4. My Friend (So Long) - DC Talk

5. End of the Road - Boyz II Men


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Co-producers: Andrea Konarzewski, Ari Marucci, Brad Callahan, Michael Conley, Peter Mark Campbell, David Steinberg, Linda Crow, Cari Bendersky, Randy Hodge and Delagramaticus

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