April 5, 2023

Greatest Hits: "Magic" (The Cars) w/Joey Abbott

Greatest Hits:

This Greatest Hits episode originally aired in October 2021. A fan-favorite guest, a fan-favorite band; what could be better? Oh, maybe the funniest bit ever to grace the show. Enjoy our re-release of "Magic" from Season 8's Magic Month.


Longtime friend and guest co-host Joey Abbott joins the boys to continue Magic Month with one of the greatest hits from one of the greatest American bands, The Cars! Ric Ocasek and company deliver all kinds of goodness in this week's show, and we deliver all kinds of silliness, including:

- The missing lyric from “Magic”

- Rob gets sonned by his own son

- NASCAR plays the hits

- JP loses it

Thanks for listening and supporting, as always!


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