Oct. 12, 2022

Cherry Pie (w Alan Hewitt) - Warrant - Episode 1010

Cherry Pie (w Alan Hewitt) - Warrant - Episode 1010

Just get past your initial reaction and admit you love this song. You do, we do, and that's fine. Now that we've said it out loud, let's dig into an era-defining hit from the glam rock days, with co-writer Alan Hewitt of...The Moody Blues? Yep! We'll cover all that and more, including pie chat, ghost guitarists, and more Harriet Beecher Stowe than you’d probably expect.

Credit to “Full in Bloom” for the Beau Hill clip referenced in the show: https://fullinbloom.com/warrant-producer-beau-hill-talks-jani-lane-erik-turner-joey-allen-steven-sweet-mike-slamer-interview-excerpt/

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